Top 10 Best Shared Bedroom Ideas

If you are having or hope to have another baby in the near future, then checkout some of these amazing bedroom ideas. If you don't have enough bedrooms for each child to have separate rooms then here you'll find some eye-catching shared bedrooms.

It might not be a new baby on the way that that means you need two of your children to share a room. In these tough economic times, some are being forced to downsize in the housing market to reduce mortgage costs.

Also in the new Covid-19 world many people are being forced to work from home and the need to free up a room to be used as a home office has become a priority.

Since Covid started figures show many more people are starting or running a business from home nowadays, so freeing up a bedroom is the main driver for getting two of their kids to share a room.

Whatever your reasons for sharing, you’ll find some wickedly effective space saving ideas here that will thrill you.

Bunk beds for shared bedrooms

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Shared bedroom ideas

There is something rather lovely about siblings sharing a room when they’re young. They can each have their own decorated corners, read bedtime stories together and sneak in a few extra minutes of play after lights out.

Shared bedroom ideas for two brothers or two sisters is easier to deal with but with our help you will also be inspired to come up with boy and girl shared room ideas.

How to divide a shared kids' room

Shared bedrooms can throw up some unique challenges. Having the décor to the taste of two children rather than one is the first thing to consider and once done keeping the rooms from getting cluttered is another consideration.

The good news is that bedrooms that ooze style are possible with just a few insider tips we can show here.

The right design will ensure that those untapped resources will be fully utilized to make sharing the bedroom much easier.

Something that made a big difference for me was keeping their toys downstairs and only allowing each of the children to have just one toy each in the bedroom. This helped with two things, first of all it did free up a lot of space and made the room virtually clutter free and secondly it greatly reduced habit of playing when they should have been going to sleep.

Not allowing them to play so much also had a third unforeseen bonus. I didn’t realise this till after the one toy rule had been in effect for a few weeks.

I noticed that after lights out they would lie in bed talking to one another. They seemed to develop a much closer bond with one another.

It also taught them valuable lessons about compromise and how to get along with each other.

What did I use?

I used a bookshelf as a room divider and that worked well for me. A good friend of mine had a nice plant divider in her children’s shared room.

Other ideas you can use are folding screens or bedside tables.

1. I love the mint walls in this pretty shared bedroom and the contrasting black cross rug. Seen here on

Shared room ideas

2. The full tour of this shared room is amazing – There’s a perfect mix of modern furniture and classic pieces.  

What age should siblings stop sharing a room?

Well legally there is no age limit but the NSPCC suggests that mixed sharers (boy/girl) should have their own room when they reach 10 years of age. If they are both boys (or both girls) then it is less important at 10 but it works better if the age gap is quite close.

When they get to their teens though they will really need to have their privacy if at all possible.

You can visit the NSPCC website for more information.

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