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Chalk Kids is a UK-based Parenting & Lifestyle Blog.

Collaboration Opportunities

I'm happy to work with brands that I believe in, and I'm always happy to share useful information with my blogs readers.

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Home & Decor

Interior ideas for your child's room.


Styling ideas for your house generally and your children's bedroom in particular.

If you’re looking to re-style your kids room, you may well find some ideas here that will turbo charge your creative juices. We aim to be both budget and style conscious whilst having our feet on the ground when it comes to practical issues.
Home and Decor Blog

Recent Posts

Home and Decor articles.
August 10, 2020
Top 10 Best Shared Bedroom Ideas

If you are having or hope to have another baby in the near future, then checkout some of these amazing bedroom ideas. If you don't have enough bedrooms for each child to have separate rooms then here you'll find some eye-catching shared bedrooms. It might not be a new baby on the way that that […]

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