Lion King Toys Argos

Lion King Toys Argos

I’ve been browsing for Lion King Toys recently as presents for my son who is crazy about the film. So I thought I’d review what I’ve found via Argos and a few other top retailers.

For years I’ve been a fan of Argos and shopping in there brings back memories from my youth when I used to go into town on a Saturday afternoon with friends. In current times of course I tend to do 90% of my shopping online these days.

Shop Online For Lion King Toys

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OK so here goes.

The Film

We watched the movie as a family via Amazon Prime a few months ago and my son loved it so much we decided to buy the movie so he could watch it again whenever he wanted to. We pushed the boat out and opted for the 4K UHD version.

That version is Ultra-High-Definition, and the picture is superb.

For anyone who has never seen the movie in essence it is about a lion cub called “Simba”. The villain is called “Scar” and after Simba’s dad (Mufasa) is killed Simba must leave the lion pride. Later of course Simba returns as a young lion to take his rightful place as head of the pride.

The film is just over an hour and twenty minutes long and according to IMDb the film is highly rated at 8.5 out of 10.

I can ‘t believe that the Lion King was made in 1994, getting on for 30 years ago. It makes me feel old! It was years ago when I first watched it at the cinema, but I still remembered all the songs. The circle of life is a real favourite of mine.

The whole family enjoyed it and the humorous moments with Hakuna Matata, Timon and Pumbaa never cease to make me smile.

I read some of the reviews of the film on Amazon and this one from a Dad really made me smile.

“I love this film more than my daughter. I am not ashamed.”

Not sure if he meant he loved it more than his daughter did, or if he just loves the film more than he loves his daughter!

I do enjoy reading peoples reviews good and bad. Most for this film are very positive of course but there is no pleasing some people.

One reviewer was firmly in the camp of “nowhere near as good as the old Disney classics” though I’ve paraphrased that.

I love the film and my son has re-watched it dozens of times. The 4k version of the film is worth the extra in my opinion, it is a step up on the even the Blu-Ray version. The picture and sound quality are just stunning and really does add to the enjoyment of the film when watching on a really good high definition TV.

Lion King Jigsaw Puzzle

There are various Disney jigsaws to choose from and the Lion King ones come with differing amounts of pieces. The one that best suited my boy (Ashton) was the Lion King, 24 Piece Disney Puzzle. (KNG05247)

He did the puzzle with some help initially but now he likes to do it on his own. It’s great for me as he will sit up at the table and quietly work on it and he stays concentrated on it for ages.

Even though the jigsaw isn’t huge the colours are nice and bright and you can clearly see who the characters are, and he likes to name them as he finishes each one.

Disney Simba Mini Bean Bag

This mini Simba is a lovely soft toy and will stand out even in a large cuddly to collection. Made of polyester fibre, it has a soft feel to the fabric, its only suitable for hand washes.  

It is 18cm high, width 10cm and has an 11cm diameter.

The Lion King Backpack

Great branded official Disney product, a king amongst backpacks if you are looking for school backpacks for a boy.

Size is approximately: Height 36cm, width 29cm, by 11cm.

It is nice and bright being mainly yellow and orange in colour and has Simba on the pocket at the front of the backpack. It has a rubberised zip pull and also has Zazu featured prominently who most Lion King fans love.

They market this as a unisex backpack, and I could see a boy or girl really liking this. I really do like the fabric 3D ears.

Based on the reviews I’ve read the quality is good and kids will love it.

Disney The Lion King Simba and Nala Characters Boy’s Onesie Kids Sleep Suit

As you would expect from Argos this is official licensed Disney merchandise and is good quality. For any young Lion King fan this is just great. I’ve always had trouble persuading my Ashton to get ready for bedtime, but he’d happily put this on.

In fat I suspect I’d have difficulty getting him out of it!

Made from microfleece in yellow, with a zip fastening and long sleeves you little one will be snug in this.

It has all the best characters from the film on it including Simba, Zazu, Timon, Nala, Pumbaa and Rafiki.

When you get your little one ready for bed, they will look delightful in this. It will be better to wear during the winter months as it will keep them warm as toast.

If you’d like to search for some Simba Slippers to go with it then you could try idealo if you are looking for a bargain. Also check out my article on Top 10 Best Shared Bedroom ideas.

Lion King Single Duvet Cover Bedding

This official Disney merchandise bedding set comes with matching pillow case. It pictures Simba and Mufasa.

It is for a single bed and measures approximately 135cm by 200cm and the pillowcase is 50cm x 75cm. The colours are nice and bright and is reversible. It is made from soft polyester so is easy to look after.

It looks a great bedding set and would certainly be well received if given as a present.


I still like to shop at Argos but more and more I find myself having a quick look on Amazon to check prices and a few other online stores. I do miss shopping in person but better safe than sorry I suppose. *Some but not all of the links on the is page may be affiliate ones that does not affect our decision to feature a particular item. You can read our full terms of service for details.