Which is the best Capital on Tap Promo Code?

Capital on Tap Promo Code

The best Capital on Tap promo code is: 2REFC237G71 you automatically get £75 credited to your account when you join, and a potential extra £25 making £100 of Free Money.

This is totally genuine, I’ve used it, so I know it works. I got the £75 when I joined Capital on Tap and so did my brother and two other friends I’ve referred.

The £75 is classed as a “Goodwill Referral”. In simple terms, it’s a sign up or welcome bonus.

Read below for details of how you could get, an additional £25 making £100 altogether.

Capital on Tap Promo Code for 2022

Valid for new applications in throughout 2022.

If you apply and are accepted for the Capital on Tap (CoT) business credit card using the referral code 2REFC237G71 then soon after you’ve used your new card for the first time, they will credit your account with a £75 welcome bonus!

Once the £75 has been credited to your account you can either use the card to effectively spend the free money or just withdraw the cash to your business bank account.

Visit the Capital on Tap Website here. (Don’t forget to use the code)

Or go straight to the online application form here: www.capitalontap.com promo code. (The promo code will be pre-populated on the form if you use this link)

Extra £25 Bonus

The CoT card is a business credit card but if you want to you can also apply for a personal card via Vanquis and get a £25 sign up bonus from them as well. The link is at the bottom of this article.

Does Capital on Tap Perform Credit Checks?

When you apply for a card they don’t do a full credit check that will leave a “footprint” on your credit history.

So asking is not only quick (the online application takes a couple of minutes) it isn’t going to affect your credit if you are declined.

They do what they call a “soft touch inquiry” about your business and personal credit, this means only you and CoT will know it has been carried out.

Does Capital on Tap Report to Personal Credit?

Basically the answer to this is yes BUT only when you’ve been accepted and start using the card will this start to kick in. It is not part of the application process. See “Does Capital on Tap perform credit checks” above.

Once you have a card with them things change. If you read the small print of their T&C’s you’ll see two sections regarding this.

Credit Reporting section and Reporting to Credit Reporting Agencies.

Basically both sections say more or less the same thing. By taking out the card and agreeing to these terms you give us permission to access your credit report for legitimate purposes.

The main area they could report about you are things like you failing to comply with the agreement.

Main Criteria

That will not accept anyone with County Court Judgements (CCJ’s).

You must be a business user (it’s not a personal card) and your company must have a minimum turnover of £24,000 per annum and ideally been trading for 12 months. They may take you if you have only been trading for 9 or 10 months so if your company is new it may still be worth asking.

My Capital on Tap Review

Briefly, these are the main reasons I like the card.

I opted for the “Standard” yellow card, mainly because it’s FREE to apply for and I got a £75 welcome bonus with the promo code. 2REFC237G71

Capital on Tap Promo Code
CoT Business Credit Card

There are no application fees, and there are no monthly or annual account charges, and no transaction charges. They don’t charge FX or cash machine charges either.

So, if like me you pay off your full balance each month then I get up to 56 days interest free credit on what I spend.

If you don’t pay the balance in full then there are cards with lower interest rates but for companies with small to medium turnover figures they are not always willing to give you a card.

They do have a “Business Rewards” card but that is £99 to apply for. This would only suit users who spend a lot on their card as you get points/cashback.

All members benefit from various exclusive offers they have negotiated with a variety of great companies for discounts if you use your card with them to make a purchase. These savings range from 5 – 40% so it is worth checking them out.

For full details on the CoT business credit card and all the terms and conditions visit their website here: Capital on Tap.

If you want to apply you can click through here and I’ve pre-populated the promo code for you. Apply with code here.

Trust Pilot Reviews for Capital on Tap
Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Best Promo Code for Capital on Tap

There are not many “no strings” ways of getting FREE money these days but the CoT business credit card does offer a £75 referral promotion.

It is really that simple, use Promo Code 2REFC237G71 when you apply (if you don’t use the code, you will not get the £75)

If you have any friends who are also company directors or business owners, please feel free to share this code with them as they will get the £75 as well.

Here is the link to the website where I first copied the promo code from for this article. Get75.co.uk

Are Promo Codes Safe?

Well the one on the is page is 100% safe but that’s because it isn’t like most discount codes you see advertised on the internet.

This is a referral code from a genuine account. Inside my account it says “Tell your friends about Capital on Tap and earn £75 for every successful referral.” So by sharing my code with you, we can both benefit financially if you take out a new capital on tap credit card.

To be clear this isn’t a discount or voucher offer. It is a “refer a friend” code.

Beware of many of the “discount” voucher code sites, especially if they ask you to pay a fee to get a code. You should never pay for a code. The very best, genuine, discount websites don’t “sell” vouchers and “promo codes”.

Scam sites are a worry and many of the promo codes never work for a variety of reasons. Some of them might have been OK originally but the promotion has long since ended.

How does Capital on Tap Work?

When you apply for the CoT card you are effectively asking for a line of credit. You can, like we do, just use it like a normal credit card wit a standard credit limit. Or treat it like business finance and drawdown the money to use it to fund your business for short term cash flow reasons or to buy equipment for example.

Accounting with Capital on Tap

It is easy to synchronize and fully integrate your Capital on Tap credit card spending to a variety of accounting apps you may already be using.

Currently you can link your account to the following.

Xero account, QuickBooks, Sage Cloud, FreshBooks, KashFlow, and FreeAgent.

This makes keeping track of your company spending ridiculously easy.

Do Capital on Tap do Loans?

Yes up to £150,000 (*As of April 2022). The money can be withdrawn to your business account or spent via your card.

Vanquis Promo Code

Personal Card: Here is the link for the £25 promo code from Vanquis.

£25: Follow this link the code is input for you.

The Vanquis card is ideal for anyone trying to repair their credit score as they will accept people that other credit cards may decline.

Is Capital on Tap Visa?

Yep, it sure is. So you will have all the protections and safeguards that you would expect from Visa.


I’ve had a CoT business credit card for over a year now and I’ve been very pleased with it so far.

Any time I’ve had a question I’ve found the online chat is answered very quickly and you can actually phone and speak to a real person which is unusual these days.

Capital on Tap Promo code

There are not many companies giving away free money, but this welcome/referral bonus really is free money.

So if you are thinking of applying for a business credit card, be sure to take advantage of this Promo Code: 2REFC237G71

*If you use the code to get the seventy five pounds of free money, I will also get the same for referring you.

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