Steps to take immediately after laser body hair removal treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an effective solution to keep unwanted hair at bay. On that note, a person that had this treatment recently would need to tread carefully in order to get the best results and steer clear from post-treatment side-effects.

Hence, without further ado, let us get into a few steps that one would need to take immediately after getting laser unwanted hair removal treatment in the sections below.

To treat the feeling of discomfort on your skin do the following

Laser hair removal uses mild-powered laser equipment that emits a laser beam to render the hair follicles in the target areas of your skin inactive for a certain time. Basically, the hair follicles are rendered inactive by the heat of the laser beam hence; it is natural for you to feel a bit of discomfort after receiving this treatment.

So what can you do to ease the feeling of discomfort?

Well, you can use cold packs and apply them to the areas in your skin that received the treatment. It is recommended to wrap the cold pack on a soft towel before applying it to your skin in order to keep further irritation at bay.

How long should you do this? Well, each cold pack session should not last more than half an hour and not more than three times a day.

Laser body hair removal side effects

Redness and swelling are bound to show up in your skin when you subject yourself to laser body hair removal. It is a small price to pay when you want to enjoy smooth skin for a long time. Aloe Vera gel can help to keep swelling and redness at bay.

Well, as mentioned above, you can use aloe vera gel on the treated areas. For the best results, make sure that the aloe vera gel is refrigerated before you apply it to your skin. It will feel good on your skin. On top of this, aloe vera gel works best when it is refrigerated to a temperature way below the room temperature.

After applying the gel, you would need to wait until the aloe vera gel starts to dry up on your skin. Afterward, you would need to use a soft damp cloth and remove the aloe vera from your skin.

Repeat the whole above-mentioned process at least three times a day to keep redness and swelling at bay.

Steer clear from the sun and use sunscreen

Your skin has already been through a lot hence, it will be a bad idea to expose it to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. On top of this, you would also need to steer clear from artificial sources of UV radiation such as tanning booths.

If you need to venture out, make sure that every inch of your skin is covered with clothes. You can also invest in UV protection clothes. If all else fails, make sure that every inch of your skin, especially the treated areas are hidden under a thick layer of sunscreen with an SPF formula of more than 30.

Apart from following the steps mentioned above, one should also seek the advice of the dermatologist at the clinic from where they received the treatment before taking any form of OTC painkiller. Failing to do can lead to unwanted complications and nobody wants that, right?

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