Pregnancy Posts

He we have all sorts of useful and entertaining tips for mums to be and those with new born children. Everything from how to announce your pregnancy to updates along the way and our top tips on the best new-born products.

From nappies to maternity fashion, books you should read, getting enough sleep, breastfeeding, health, pregnancy snack suggestions and how to get along with your partner as the pressure mounts. We can also show the latest trends in baby name ideas, baby shower planning and nursery design etc.
December 8, 2020
What are the Best Maternity Leggings

When I was pregnant, I really needed to buy some comfortable clothes, so I thought I’d do some research of my own to find great maternity clothes that were really comfortable. I’m no fashion/clothes expert and I’m normally happy to be guided by those who are, but when I was expecting I knew I had […]

October 18, 2020
Planning for a Baby: (Checklist)

Planning to have a baby is one of the most emotional and potentially joyous life events possible. With that in mind here at ChalkKids we don’t want to put a downer on things, but it will go better if you have your sensible head on and remain organised during the pregnancy. Money, money, money! Unless […]

November 12, 2016
Katie Piper, Motherhood Interview

Back in 2016 the original owners of ChalkKids interviewed TV presenter, charity campaigner, author and all round mum-boss, Katie Piper. They got to the chance to ask her all about her new range of baby products with My Babiie, motherhood and the importance of believing in yourself as a parent. See our "Planning for a […]

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