Great Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Miserable days can lead to equally miserable youngsters! When the rain sets in it often takes no time at all before the complaints start rolling in or restless toddler’s start to tear up the house in record speed.

Yet gloomy days needn’t leave you all feeling trapped (not to mention destroying Mum’s sanity) which is why we’ve rounded up some cosy indoor activities to help beat the rainy-day blues. Check them out below!

Pastel plum purple polka dot umbrella cut out

We love this printable where you can design your own umbrellas, a great way to enjoy the rain showers inside! See more here.

Polka Dot Umbrella Cut Out

Low on DIY supplies?

We love these monthly subscription craft kits from Moira Fuller at Craftiosity who provide you with everything you need to get crafty!

Their monthly subscriptions are £24.95 (price correct at time of posting) which includes free UK delivery and you’ll get a limited edition modern project each month.

Monthly Subscriptions Available

Toy rescue

We love this idea to use a washing up basket to create a maze for kids to rescue their toys from. See how to make it here @ thetraindriverswife.

Spiders Web Basket

For little ones this type of sensory activity is so useful. They are of particular benefit for young children with autism. They can stimulate the brain, and make neural pathways which improve your child’s sensory processing ability.

They will also help to improve social skills, communication and working compatibly with others.

For all young kids it will improve their hand to eye coordination, as well as motor skills. It can have a great calming effect on them when they are agitated.

Simple cup cakes recipe

Here at ChalkKids we love baking and a fast and easy cup cake bake with your kids is a great way to pass some time on a rainy day. You’ll get to eat cake as well so what’s not to like?

There are dozens of greta free recipes on the internet but a favourite of mine is from Sophie Godwin on the BBC’s “Good Food” website.

You can make these straightforward vanilla cupcakes in just 35 minutes start to finish. They are great for parties etc and are gurateed to go down well with your audience!

Preparation Time: 20 mins

Baking Time: 15 mins

The Good Food Website rates them as “Easy”, which is great for me! See the full instructions and video on the Good Food Website.

Simple Cup Cakes Recipe

OMY Giant colouring roll

OMY giant colouring roll’s featuring different lands and cities were made for rainy days. Bonus – it’ll look great up on the wall after!

Kids can free their creative side and is ideal for them to do either on their own or with the whole family!

When it’s completed you cab hang them as a poster on their bedroom wall.

Watch a movie!

When all else fails, what’s better than cuddling up on the sofa to watch a classic Disney film? Add a twist by making some tickets, then whip up some cinema goodies and snacks, dim the lights and you’re all set!

*None of the links in the this article are paid/sponsored, I’ve just linked to them because I believe them to be a great resource.

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