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This page covers our Terms of Use ("Terms") our Privacy Policy, and Links to other Websites.
Please read this fully before using the ChalkKids Blog. ChalkKids is operated by David Griffiths who is a Sole Trader and owns several websites/blogs trading as EE Hub. Your access to and use of the ChalkKids website is conditioned on your acceptance of and adherence to these T&C’s. These Terms apply to all who visit this website for whatever reason.

If you disagree with any of these terms, then you should not use the website.

Intellectual Property

The website and its original content are and will stay the exclusive property of David Griffiths. The website is copyright protected and comes under the trademark laws of both the United Kingdom and all other countries. Our name, trademarks, content and images cannot be used without our prior written consent.

Links to other Web Sites and Blogs

The ChalkKids Blog will have links to other websites, blogs, social media accounts and services that we don’t own or control in anyway. David Griffiths has no responsibility and isn’t liable for any issues arising from their content or service. You should carefully check the privacy policy of any website, social media account or service that you visit via any link from the ChalkKids Blog.

Some links may be sponsored or affiliate links inside our posts and pages and some post may be sponsored or guest posts where the content is written by the company who the content is promoting.

All these links/posts will be flagged as “Sponsored”, “Guest Post” or “Affiliate Link” as appropriate. 

Guest and or Sponsored Posts

If you submit a guest or sponsored post to ChalkKids then you agree to all of the Terms and you also accept that as soon as you have pressed send or submit your article/post and rights of ownership of the article/post belong to David Griffiths who is then able to edit/change the post/article as he sees fit.

On a positive note if a journalist wants to cover or republish the post, the fact we own the content allows us to give them authorization without having to reach out to you for permission.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links will be highlighted and it's possible I'll get some sort of payment if you end up buying a product or service from the company whose affiliate scheme I'm a member of. Difficult to cover all eventualities as the affiliate schemes I promote may change from time to time and the terms of the operating agreements of those companies may also be amended from time to time. 

If you take Amazon as an example then “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”  That's a fairly simple and straightforward one.

Some affiliate schemes I promote though may offer a commission on sales or payment for sending visitors or enquiries to their website. I may also receive "payment" in the form of a "Gifted" remuneration. So I don't get money but free stuff instead. 

Whenever ChalkKids does a review based post or a "best maternity leggings" or "top 5 XYZ" type post our decisions to feature certain products is not based on the fact that we may earn affiliate commission. We give our honest review based solely on our research. The fact that one or more of those items in that post might be subject to an affiliate scheme is not a factor.

Financial Liability

Under no circumstances will David Griffiths liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from, connected with, or relating to your use of the Chalk Kids website.

These Terms relate to the laws of England and Wales.


These terms may be changed, amended or replaced whenever necessary and it is assumed you agree to any changes if you continue to use the website.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important, so we use this Policy so you can understand how we collect and use any data about you. We only have any identifiable data about you if you email us, sign up for the newsletter or use any contact form on the website. We only keep that information for as long as it is needed to fulfil your request or enquiry and all information we have about you should be accurate relevant and up to date. We aim to keep your information safe against loss or theft and we will never share it without your express permission.


Please also see the Cookie Information Page, for information about how your cookies are handled.

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