Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Here at Chalk Kids we take our product and service reviews very seriously. The section of the website is dedicated to trying to save you time and money. Time because we will review your options and layout our research so you don’t have to do your own legwork.

Where possible we will point you in the the direction of not only the best quality options but also be on the lookout for great budget alternatives as well.

All the deals, or recommended best buys we feature on this website are purely because we think they are worthy of being featured based on our own consumer research.

For example I review the Capital on Tap business credit card and the reason for that is both my business partner and I both have one. My partner has had one for nearly three years.

By the way if you are thinking of getting a business credit card check out the review because it contains a Promo Code for the capital on Tap card that will allow you to get free money credited to your account when you join.

So our mission is to give honest and truthful reviews, based on stuff we’ve tried, plain and simple.

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