Working from a Home Office (UK)


With many of us working from home and news from many companies that this could be something long term, now is the time to consider your working from home space.

If you are someone that just works from home every now and then, setting up your laptop on the dining room table might not be too much of an issue.

However, if working for much longer time periods you will definitely want something more suitable.

You need to be comfortable

If you are going to be sat at a desk for a number of hours then comfort is most definitely the key. When we’re at work, generally the HR team make sure that we have the right equipment to ensure we are supported. It is well worth investing in a proper chair to be sat at, because this will be a big part of your comfort.

Make sure that your desk and monitor are at a decent height and consider small things like a mouse mat with a wrist support.

You might not have space in your house for a full desk or office setup, so it will often be making the best of a situation. So if you have to work in the dining room or at another table in your house, just make sure that you consider all things comfort.

Home Office

Think home office storage

Whether you have a dedicated office space or you’re just making the most of what you have got, being organised is definitely important.  Consider what storage options you might need for paperwork and files when you’re not working.

Not only does this help to keep things organised, but helps to make sure that work is put away when you’re finished -important for a good work/life balance.

It doesn’t have to be anything extensive, but some plastic drawers for paperwork can be a good place to start.

Make it somewhere you love

If you’re working from home for the foreseeable then you should spend some time making sure it is a space that you enjoy working in. At work people often have photos of loved ones on their desk, so why should at home be any different?

Personally, I always make sure I have a small plant on my desk. I sit by the window so I can always see the sunshine whenever it decides to make an appearance! I also have a wall next to me that is covered in photos that I love and canvas prints. These are small things but seeing as I am sat at this desk a few hours a day, it makes sense that I try to fill the space with some joy.

My daughter has a set of lower height bunk beds and instead of a bottom bunk she has a desk and book shelf. I sometimes thinks she has a better set up than I do. She did make me laugh the other day when I shouted up to ask what she was doing she said “I’m working from home”.

Try not to be too hard on yourself when it comes to creating the perfect office space. We’re not offices and therefore it is often making the best of what we do have in our own homes. Just make sure you are comfortable and it is somewhere you’re happy to be sat for a few hours and that is the important stuff taken care of.

If you would rather not use a room inside your home to work from, then have you thought about using some of your outdoor space? Can I run a business from my shed?

Need Help with workload?

If you are running your own business from home and you spend a lot of time at your desk. You should consider getting a desk mat. Read our article here called, what is the purpose of a desk mat? They will greatly improve your ergonomics.

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