Finlay’s Toddler Room

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Over the last few months I’ve been adjusting Finlay’s room to get it ready for the new baby, as he’ll be sharing it with his sibling for the next year or so at least. I’ve not made any radical changes, as the baby will be sleeping in our room for the first few months, but I’ve had fun adding the odd bits and pieces here and there – I think it’s safe to say nesting kicked in early second time round. 

Perhaps the most major difference to Finlay’s room is that we’ve added a star constellation wall – check out the full post here. When I initially styled F’s room I found that a bear and mountain theme emerged so the subtle silver stars fit in perfectly with that. We might end up wall papering the wall at some stage as I still love all the Ferm Living designs!

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Another change is that Finlay is now in a toddler bed! As soon as he started using his cot as a climbing frame we knew it was time to make the transition. As we had a cot-bed it was fairly quick to dismantle and set up the next stage – but it still felt like a big transition nonetheless! I still can’t believe how quickly the baby stage passes, as it feels like no time at all since we were worrying about moving him from his mini crib to his “big” cot. Ah! 

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Some more new additions to the nursery are these amazing house shelves from one of my favourite scandi brands, Bloomingville. They’re the perfect way to display some of F’s more special toys – including his custom Sketch Inc Doll, Kukkia Car and Gum Ball Machine. You can see a full post about his custom doll and shelves here

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Last Christmas Finlay was given this adorable Ikea play kitchen from his Grandparents, which he plays with all the time! I love how you can customise them to make them more unique, but we haven’t got round to that yet. I also picked him up a mini coffee machine and intend to get a few more gadgets for it over time (check out my post about cute play kitchen accessories).

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After featuring Jenson & Beau’s room tours I fell in love with a number of the stores Holly mentioned and quickly placed an order from Peachy Baby. I went for their play-blocks, wooden mountains and a beautiful beaded garland, which I’ve hung up above the window for now. They’re some of my favourite pieces in the nursery now! 

Whilst we’ve finally put in some curtains, we’re still needing to get a proper blackout blind to add to Finlay’s window. I’ve found there’s a wide selection of blinds available for the home and kids rooms at VELUX, which are quick and straightforward to customise yourself. Just like us, we’ve noticed that Finlay wakes up at the first hint of light in the mornings so it will be handy to be able to control the light better in his room (and maybe buy us an extra half-an-hours kip).

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Lastly the baby’s corner! We’re using our Bloom Alma Mini Crib again, which lasts until they’re just over one-years-old. It’s perfect for anyone who is tight on space! Right now it’s actually set up in a corner in our bedroom. However, as I mentioned above, as soon as our new addition is old enough and sleeping well through the night we intend to move him into F’s room.

The Alma Mini has an excellent mattress, but this time round we’ve decided to buy a Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod. Finlay slept in our bed a lot in the early months, as I was breastfeeding exclusively and I quickly found he struggled to settle on his own because he wanted to be snuggled up next to me all the time. Therefore this time round we thought trying out a mattress that is designed to help babies feel safe and cuddled could only be worth a shot!

(It took me weeks to decide between the Sleepyhead Deluxe and the Coocoonababy Nest – as they’ve both received such great reviews. But what swayed me in the end was that the Sleepyhead is designed to make co-sleeping safer and we can also easily move it into the mini crib. It also lasts up to 8 months, where as the Cocoonababy is between 4/5 months depending on the size of your baby. But I’ll write a full review of the Sleepyhead Pod once we’ve used it properly to let you know how we get on with it.) 

Thanks so much for reading!
Steph x