Ikea Kura Bed

IKEA Kura bed

Compact and versatile, it’s no surprise that the IKEA Kura bed remains a firm favourite amongst parents for their youngsters. The Kura Reversible Bed can be configured as bunk beds, a loft bed, or with a mattress at the bottom.

This budget friendly bed has been styled and hacked in so many different ways. You can paint it, attach a canopy, fairy lights… the possibilities are endless. Below are some of our favourite ideas for customizing the Ikea Kura Bed.

The nice thing about the Kura bed is the fact that it is nice and low, which has several advantages young kids. It also is quite versatile in that it can grow as your child does.

It can be turned upside down as your child ages making a superb play area for them.

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The reason I opted for a Kura was because my daughter Emily wanted a high sleeper. We took a trip around Ikea at Walsall which is junction 9 of the M6. (it’s in Wednesbury technically and be warned the traffic is horrendous on that part of the M6)

This was the one she liked the most after looking at several options. I wasn’t too keen on the thin mattress but nothing would deter her once she’d made up her mind.

Some of these high sleepers are outrageously expensive for what they are but I thought that the Kura was pretty good value for money.

They are pretty well made and more than strong enough for anything Emily was likely to do with it. When buying for my son I have to assume he is going to jump up and down on it like a madman but Emily is more likely to just sit and read on it or sleep in it!

Generally I don’t mind buying from Ikea when it is for children’s furniture as they are likely to out grow it anyway. Whereas when it is for me I’d much rather go for something of real quality that will last for many years.

Visiting the shop does have advantages as you are able to try it for size. When gauging the height of bunk beds it is useful to actually be able to see them in the flesh so to speak. These days though with most good online stores having a no quibble returns policy it is so much safer to buy online than it ever used to be.

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