Valentines day crafts for kids

Valentines Day Craft ideas

Here we share three easy paper valentines crafts you can do with your kids. This year Valentines day is very different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun as a family.

So many of us are forgetting dates at the moment. Mondays blur into Fridays and Wednesdays blur back into Mondays, but if you want easy last-minute crafts – here are some supplied by Clare Creates.

For these crafts all you need is paper, and not even new paper. Use newspapers, old scrap paper, printer paper, or card. It really doesn’t matter. What really matters is that you have a lovely day together.

Without further delay, here are some really easy Valentines Day crafts for all ages that you can do with any paper.

Heart-shaped confetti

This paper confetti is so easy, but also a little time-consuming. It’s perfect for those moments where you want to do something as a family, but not something that’s going to frustrate your children and make everyone a little grumpy. We sat and did this as a family while watching a film; it was that easy.

Pro tip: for some extra fun write cute messages to each other on the hearts or upcycle some old books or newspapers and create fun hearts out of them.

Valentines Craft Ideas for Kids

Heart banner

This heart banner can be made of any size and colour of paper. Just cut your paper into long strips and fold each end together, pinching them so they become a heart. To hold them, use glue or a stapler, whatever you’d prefer. It’s so easy, you’ll find yourself making 15 instead of the five or six that you agreed to.

Pro tip: If you don’t have string to create a banner, use them on your table as place matts.

Valentines Day Craft ideas

Heart shaped post-it notes

These are so much fun to make and can be used all year round. Take some old paper and colour them in different colours. You could use watercolours, felt tips – whatever you have in the house. Cut your paper into different shaped hearts and use them to jot notes on throughout the year.

Have your homework due soon? Pop it on a post-it note. Running out of milk? Add it to the list.

Pro-tip: make them out of any shapes and mix them up to use them all year round.

Heart shaped post-it notes

Post author

This crafting post was written by Clare Elman who runs the Clare Creates website.

The benefits of crafting

Thank you, Clare, for these tips. Here at Chalk Kids, we love crafting and will endeavour to offer more crafting ideas you can do either yourself or with your children at home in future posts.

We started our kids crafting at an early age because it is well known that it helps with toddlers’ hand to eye coordination and builds manual dexterity. They quickly grasp the basics of colours, texture, and shapes.

I like the fact that they learn that with practice they improve and get better at doing something.

Unlike art which has no right or wrong answers and is totally free. Kids learn that crafting has an end goal and generally a structure to follow.

If you have more than one child, as we do, it really helps them learn the benefits of working together.

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