How to have a Crafty Halloween at Home

Crafty Halloween at Home

This year Halloween will be a little different especially due to there being no Trick or Treating or parties. Sob!

This doesn’t mean that it has to be any less fun, especially for the children. As Halloween happens over the Weekend and the half-term holidays happen in the preceding days, there are many ways you can keep little hands busy and mind excited. Below are our top tips for having Halloween at home and making it a truly memorable and spooktacular event.

Frightening food

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Brought a pumpkin, carved it on Halloween and then felt guilty the day after having to bin it. Well, worry not as there are plenty of delicious treats you can make from pumpkins such as pumpkin soup, pie…I could go on!

A great way to inspire the children is to get them involved as well. Why not buy the pumpkin together then spend some time choosing what food you will make with the leftovers? It will allow you to reduce waste and inspire young minds to get excited about making things in the kitchen.

Added Bonus? You can carve your pumpkin early and use it for a few days before Halloween to really get in the spirit and make sure you get your moneys worth. Nice.

There are also some really simple Halloween themed treats that you can make with the children as well, to really get them excited!

Dead nice decorations

We’ve already discussed the pumpkin but you can also have fun making other decorations at home. Pinterest is a great source for potential craft projects to keep everyone’s creative juices flowing and thumbs from being idol! We’re talking table decorations, banners for outside the house, creepy window stickers…oooh…the possibilities are endless!

Creepy costumes

Just because Halloween is at home doesn’t mean that anyone gets to miss out of the dressing up fun! In fact, it can be a great opportunity to really do something fun and educational.

Why not get the children weeks in advance to choose who they want to be and slowly begin to build the outfit together from items bought second hand or already at home?

Another freakishly fun way to get educational and creepy is to learn how to make fake blood and wounds at home – just make sure not to get too messy.

For the older children it could be a great way to celebrate Halloween retro style, why not get the children to dress up as the top costume from the year of your birth or an old film? You can even choose a family theme and share the results online and with others via zoom!

Freakishly good films

Last but by no means least – wind down the evening with a scary film or two (Obviously age /scare level appropriate as we all know that Dad is the secret scary cat in the group!)

Make sure this is decided in advance so you can even build some games around it to further keep people entertained. eg. How many ghosts can you spot in Casper? What song do the witches sing at the party in Hocus Pocus?

If you really want to add an intimate level to the evening, why not end the night with the lights out telling each other scary stories? A great way to wind down a very fun family evening together.

Hopefully, we have managed to inspire you with our fright fest of a list. Are you doing anything for Halloween, if so let us know below or on our social channels!

*This is a guest post.

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