10 Lovely Shared Bedroom Ideas

We hope to have another baby in the future and something that’s been catching my eye is shared bedrooms. I think there’s something lovely (in theory) about siblings sharing a room when they’re young. They can each have their own decorated corners, read bedtime stories together and sneak in a few extra minutes of play after lights out. Below are some of my favourite shared rooms I’ve come across: 

10 Lovely Shared Bedrooms | Chalk Kids

1. I love the mint walls in this pretty shared bedroom and the contrasting black cross rug. 

10 Lovely Shared Bedrooms Inspiration | CK

2. The full tour of this shared room is amazing – There’s a perfect mix of modern furniture and classic pieces.  

10 Lovely Shared Bedrooms For Siblings | CK

3. Courtney’s daughters’ shared room is so beautiful and classic with its white floor boards and little dresses used to decorate the wall. Another lovely and magical space! 

10 Ideas For Lovely Shared Bedrooms | CK

4. How cheerful is this colourful shared bedroom? I love the overhead reading lamps and bedding. 

10 Lovely Shared Bedrooms Ideas | Chalk Kids

5. Naomi’s children’s room is so colourful and fun. I love how Eleanor and Samson have their artwork proudly displayed above their beds. 

10 Lovely Shared Bedrooms For Kids | Chalk Kids

6. You can always count on Ferm Living to add a stylish touch to any bedroom. 

10 Lovely Shared Bedrooms | CK

7. Xavier & Hugo’s monochrome shared bedroom is seriously stylish. Check out the full tour on CK here

10 Lovely Shared Bedroom Ideas | CK

8. Oeuf’s Perch Bunk Bed suits Harper & Rex’s shared bedroom perfectly! 

10 Lovely Shared Bedroom Ideas | CK

9. James’ youngest children’s shared bedroom is perfectly neutral yet still has plenty of character – “Birdie’s side of the room is bright and colourful, while Sailor’s is more simple and muted in colour.” 

10 Lovely Shared Bedrooms | CK10. How wonderful and cozy is this boys shared room with its dramatic map wallpaper and aztec rug. Perfect for little explorers!  

Do your children share a room? Do you think it’s something you would try? 

– Steph x