Special Christmas Gift Ideas

Special Christmas Gift Ideas

Antique jewellery earrings

Have you ever been searching for something and whilst looking you accidently come across something that is much better? Well that happened to me recently. I was trying to find something for my mother for Christmas, that most difficult of tasks, when I struck lucky.

My Dad had mentioned he needed some guidance choosing a present for Mom and I said I’d help. Now normally, living where we do in the West Midlands, a trip to the jewellery quarter would be in order. However, in these Covid times my search went online and I’m glad it did.

A lucky find

I’d been browsing a few sites and came across an antique jewellery website. https://carusjewellery.com

Carus Antique Jewellery review

I was searching for some earrings but in my mind, and I’d assumed I’d be buying a brand-new pair. When I saw the antique jewellery though it was that light bulb moment.

Our family history

Not so long ago I’d spent some time looking into our family history using the ancestry website and started to compile a family tree. I’d spent some time with Mom looking at old family photos and I remember her showing me a photo of my great grandmother taken in the late 1920’s, when she was about 35.

I remember in the photo she was wearing the most beautiful earrings and ruby ring. My Mom and I both said how fabulous they looked. The art deco jewellery just looked so stylish it was amazing.

Art deco jewellery

On the Carus jewellery website my eyes were immediately drawn to a pair of Georg Jensen silver earrings.

They had several other beautiful items of art deco jewellery to browse through as well.

Georg Jensen Silver Earrings

The next time I went to visit mom and dad I logged onto the net and showed dad. He loved the art deco jewellery and ordered some earrings and a ruby ring very similar to the one my great grandmother used to own.

Should you consider purchasing antique jewellery?

Well firstly classic style never goes out of fashion, and in these days where people are focussing more and more on green issues then buying antique jewellery rather than new items is the ultimate in recycling.

The production of modern jewellery has an impact on the environment and the world’s resources, so by buying vintage jewellery you are taking a small positive action to help.

When it comes to jewellery it is one of the few sectors over the years that has routinely re-cycled its raw materials due to the expense and finite nature of them.

To be classed as “Antique” the item needs to be over one hundred years old which differs from “Vintage” jewellery which must be fifty years old to be classed as vintage. The one-hundred-year minimum rule means that you get jewellery from back in the days when things were made to last.

Also, it covers periods in our history when style was everything and quality was assured. Just think of the Art Deco period, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Victorian and the Georgian age of high society.

One big benefit to buying antique items of jewellery as gifts is, they increase not only in monetary value but can become something of great sentimental value to the family members who gave or received them.

The more and more research I did looking into antique items of jewellery the more my appreciation for the jewellers who make them grew. The really do put their heart and soul into each item.

The handmade aspect and the unique nature of the design really shines through.

When it comes to finding special gifts, I now believe that it would be hard to beat an item that is a handmade one off.

What to consider

When buying antique jewellery, you should try and find someone who has the knowledge, skills and love required to bring these items to market. You should of course only deal with a company that has an impeccable reputation for honesty and professionalism.

It is important so you have total peace of mind when it comes to the provenance of the jewellery you are purchasing.

I found the perfect Christmas gift idea for my mom and without telling him I’ve also got some art deco cufflinks for my Dad. I can’t wait till he sees them.

Art Deco Cufflinks by Carus.

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  1. What a great idea. I’m going to have a look at buying some vintage pieces myself. They look fabulous.

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