Tooth Fairy Tips for Busy Moms

A post by Brittany Anderberg.

Can I just say I’m a huge failure when it comes to the Tooth Fairy?


I never seem to remember to grab cash back or run by the ATM. Never have my boys had a ‘normal’ Tooth Fairy visit. Our Tooth Fairy is a bit eccentric and does things his (or her) way. My lack of planning has led to some pretty entertaining tooth fairy interactions. Here’s the Top 5

1. Tooth fairy doesn’t always leave cash

I remember getting so excited for a pound coin for my teeth, but the going rate in our town is about £5 a tooth! YIKES!!! I have gifted watches to my boys in lieu of cash because they had conveniently arrived from Amazon that day. Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars work great for little boys, and we bought some pavement chalk, for playing hopscotch for out daughter.

2. Sometimes the tooth fairy leaves gifts in the wrong room

I usually reminded to put out the Tooth Fairy gift when my son asks for it the next morning. Insert MAJOR mom guilt because I let my son feel forgotten. Since this has happened on more than one occasion at my house, we have made it a game.

I do find sine my daughter had bunk beds it is harder for me to leave the gift under her pillow on the top bunk. Where did the Tooth Fairy put it this time? This usually leads to a house wide hunt until surprise – it’s suddenly in the kitchen or in mom’s room.

3. It takes days for the tooth fairy to visit

Again, this one is all about not having cash or forgetting to put the gift out. I’ve written notes inside blank cards apologizing for being so busy with gift delivery and gave extra for their patience. I now have to write the notes in cursive because they recognize my handwriting!

4. Siblings get surprises too

The mom guilt is strong in me and our Tooth Fairy never leaves the other sibling empty handed. My boys are almost exactly 2 years apart and it was hard for my younger to understand this at 3.5 years old.

5. Teeth pulled at the dentist (or swallowed) warrant a bigger gift

My oldest son had to have dental surgery before his 4th birthday. He had dairy allergies and had taken allergy medicines most of his life. Both wrecked his baby teeth – he had 4 root canals and several crowns placed. He later had teeth pulled for abscesses and overcrowding. Given how these experiences were associated with a greater degree of pain, the gift was usually larger or worth more.

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