Easy 10 steps to make your kid’s power wheels go faster

Power Wheels

Owning the most stylish and stunning fun toy is in the boom of late. The splendid appearance, the jazzy look, and the vroom vroom sound are enough to make everyone go awestruck!

Our little monsters are growing up in a way someone has fast-forwarded their growth button. Thus, the pace of the power wheel’s speed comes into consideration. Many of our kids just love to enjoy a speedier thrill by driving their luxurious toy!

Power Wheels

To match their growing pace and their speed-up demands, here we list out 10 easy steps to make your kid’s power wheels go faster!

How to install a new motor

Opening up!

Let’s try turning the power wheels upside down. Woah, that works! Now, carefully look for the black motor hardware by removing the wheels for better access.

As the screws hold on to the motor more securely, it’s time to slightly loosen them by using a well-matched screwdriver.

The compatibility checker:

Well, you would be interested in making sure whether the brand new motor that’s been freshly arrived is compatible or not.

• Attaching the spade connector:

Once you match the size of the new motor, proceed towards your secondary car. Make some effort to dig out the brushless motor carefully. While you are at it, spare some time to dust off the accumulated layer of dirt.

Give it a nice rub to the cylindrical shaped motor and now look for a way to heat up the motor. You can go for a screwdriver that is flat enough to put in sufficient force.

Perform this step more carefully as messing up while handling the connector can sync ways for any potential damage to the motor. Thus, be calm and be patient. If you are not able to perform this step, then, it is better to visit a local hardware store nearby and fetch a cheap and reasonable spade.

Instead of messing up the whole motor, it is better to look for an approachable way to carry out the process.

• Setting them back again:

Once you are done with the brushless motor, it is time to set back in the motor. How? Place the motor carefully making sure that you put the motor with spade-end at first.

Use your set of screwdrivers to ensure it is placed and fitted properly. You might want to preserve some patience while inserting the brushless motor back in its place. This step might demand a lot of intricate work while twisting and turning, be alert, and calm.

• Transferring the wire points to the brushless motor:

Take out the wires from the previous motor and connect the same points to the brushless motor carefully. You need to make sure of the proper points of connection.
If you are planning to replace the battery, then, this can be the best time to do so!

• Check to ensure proper working:

Now that you are done with the hard part, now it is time to put the wheels back on and give it a check!

How to install an aftermarket battery?

• Learning about Specifications:

One of the advantages of aftermarket batteries is they come at a reasonable price as compared to the power wheels batteries.

Before purchasing a new aftermarket battery, make sure to note down the specifications of your battery say, dimension, voltage, chemistry, etc.

• Removing the top of the battery:

Scrape off the original battery top head using any suitable device. Leave the black connector undisturbed as you might have to spend more if it is damaged!

After some effort, you can see the connector coming off. Be gentle while tugging the wires (both negative and positive), and clasping them closer to the battery ensure safety. Make sure you provide a trim to the wires.

• Inserting a fuse:

Now, get a wire crimping tool. Once you are done inserting 30AMP fuse in the fuse holder, cleanout around a centimetre of the covering of the wire both sides.

Place the wires in the wire connector and make sure of the color-coding. You have to know that the white or red colour is meant for a positive edge. Now that it is done, you can go for setting one wire belonging to the fuse to the connector’s other side.

Now, to ensure more safety grab a female spade (insulated) and place the same to the battery connector’s negative wire.

• Check and test drive:

Match the black or negative terminal with the black wire of the connector gently. Likewise, go for attaching the red terminal with the fuse end. Give it a check while placing your car normally.

Well, as most of the kids just enjoy the fun car race, speed becomes an integral aspect! Make sure you help them enjoy their playtime by enhancing their thrill for speed. With such easy and informative steps, one can easily perform the process without stammering in-between!

So, get yourself the set of tools and get started. Pace up and match your kid’s speedy growth!

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