Is Aluminium Good for Garden Furniture?

Is Aluminium Good for Garden Furniture

A home’s outdoor space is much more beautiful and relaxing when furniture is available for family and friends. But, you want to ensure you choose the right kind so that it lasts for as long as possible while providing comfort and aesthetics. There is a plethora of materials out there and metals are often the most popular.

So, is aluminium good for garden furniture? Yes, it’s one of the best choices out there! It outperforms things like resin, rattan and wood. Aluminium provides great versatility while being strong, lightweight and low maintenance.

Does aluminium make a good metal for garden furniture?

Many people believe aluminium to be a “cheap” metal and, therefore, tend to take its beauty for granted. When you get garden furniture made from quality aluminium, it’s one of the best values for the money. 

This type of furniture is perfect for salty and/or rainy climates. What’s more, it can accommodate any type of budget, so you can’t go wrong.

Will aluminium garden furniture last?

If you clean and maintain your aluminium garden furniture and stay on top of things, it can practically last forever. But this will depend on the type of aluminium you have. There are two types: cast and frame tubing.  

Of the two, cast aluminium is the strongest and most versatile. This is will last almost forever. Since frame tubing is hollow, you can expect a shorter lifespan. Of course, this will depend on the design and the metal’s quality. But both types are strong and have a coating that prevents problems that come with weather damage.

Will rust develop on aluminium garden furniture?

Because aluminium has a thin coated layer, this type of garden furniture will not rust. The layer inherent in aluminium won’t oxidize and protects the material from weatherizing. Aluminium in this capacity surpasses even that of steel or iron.

So, you won’t have to worry about your furniture being outside for the entire year. If you live in a place that has harsh winters, you can leave it outside even then. But, try to bring it indoors or cover it during wintertime to prevent cracking.

Will garden furniture made of aluminium get hot?

Unlike steel and iron, aluminium has the ability to disperse heat which greatly reduces the furniture’s temperature. This is a natural capacity of the metal itself. You can be secure in knowing you won’t burn your bum, hands or other exposed skin.

However, if outdoor temperatures really start to rise and the sunshine is strong, check the furniture before sitting in it. On a hot sunny day if left in direct sunlight you can assume it will be very warm to the touch.

It won’t get as hot as say an iron gate, and if you opt for a light colour such as white or stone it can remain a little cooler.

Is it OK to leave outdoor cushions in the rain?

Yes, it is normally fine but there are a few things you should know.

Most good quality outdoor furniture comes with suitable cushions and umbrellas. If you buy your own cushions, make sure you opt for good quality synthetic ones.

What do you do when outdoor cushions get wet?

If the cushions get wet that isn’t a problem as long as you give them a good shake and dry them off afterwards.

If you just leave them to sit that may lead to problems.

Although good quality cushions should be mildew and water resistant there are limits. Just think of a shower curtain, every now and again it pays to wash them to stop mildew from building up.

Mould/mildew will grow on outdoor cushions eventually if you allow water to get on them constantly without drying them off.

What are the pitfalls of having aluminium garden furniture?

As with anything, there are a few things to be aware of when you have aluminium furniture in your garden or on the patio.

Here is a list of some of the things my husband and I considered when making our decision. It is only our thoughts this isn’t something we are particularly knowledgeable about.

But have a think about the following when deciding:

  • Because of its lightweight, it can get blown over during very strong winds. This will be more of a problem if you opt for furniture made of frame tubing. (hollow is much lighter).
  • Aluminium furniture can get bent or pick up dents and nicks if not treated with care. If the damage is bad enough, it can render the piece in question unsafe for use.
  • Although you can leave your aluminium furniture outside, we don’t leave any fabrics or cushions exposed to the elements. Even though ours says we can leave them outside, we put them in the shed.
  • When you look into buying any type of garden furniture, make sure you take note of the maximum weight it can handle.
  • Again, you are supposed to be able to leave it outside through the winter months, but double check that with the furniture you are considering. We leave ours outside all year round because it is under a pergola in a sheltered spot by the house.


When considering a replacement for your outdoor furniture or looking to buy it for the first time, aluminium is the way to go. It will stay relatively cool on those long summer days, and it should last you for years.

The longevity of aluminium alone makes it great value for money. If you keep it clean and look after it, it will be able to withstand whatever the British weather can throw at it for many years.

All things considered; you can’t go wrong having aluminium. It’s affordable, versatile, solid and beautiful. These qualities make it good for any outdoor area while providing comfort and relaxation for you and your guests.