How to Turn Your Child’s Room into a Winter Wonderland

How to Turn Your Child's Room into a Winter Wonderland

The snow, the stockings, the star on the tree. The winter season can be truly magical for a child. This year, families will have to spend more time than ever indoors over the holidays; meaning that it is the perfect time to do something extra special to keep their Christmas spirits high.

Transforming your child’s bedroom into a winter wonderland is a sure way to make sure that they have a magical time while stuck indoors. To help spread the Christmas cheer even further, we’ve put together this simple guide to help you to do just that.

Festive Furniture

If you’re planning to repaint or buy new furniture for the festive makeover, we recommend choosing a white wood or natural wood finish. This will help to create the right Christmas aesthetic while still remaining versatile for the following seasons.

When deciding on furniture, be sure to factor in storage options, so that mess and clutter are kept hidden away. This will ensure a more relaxing and magical atmosphere in your child’s room. My daughter Amelia has recently had a set of Low Height Bunk Beds which she really loves. We have decorated it and she has her own small Christmas tree to match.

The only caveat to redecorating your child’s room for the holiday season is to remember practicalities as well as aesthetics. In the words of the children’s furniture experts at Little Lucy Willow, your child’s bed will ‘impact massively on the quality of their sleep and ultimately, their happiness’; so, do shop around to ensure you get both comfort and style.

After all, you need them to fall soundly asleep so that a certain someone can fill up those stockings on Christmas Eve. 

Merry and Bright Lights

Fairy lights are the perfect Christmassy touch for your child’s bedroom. Like a sprinkling of fairy dust, those tiny glowing lights are a must for any winter-themed bedroom. Whether you secure them to the wall for younger children or drape them around the bedframe for those who are older, fairy lights add a touch of magic to any room.

For added cosiness, ensure the lights are yellow-tinted, as this creates a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere; and for added merriness, find fairy lights in a novel shape, like icicles or stars.

Nightlights are also a great for setting the scene for your child’s winter wonderland, even if they’re not afraid of the dark. Nightlights which project patterns of snowflakes or trees are beautiful and create a relaxing and magical atmosphere. However, for children whose tastes are a little funkier, choose something sparkly or neon instead.

The Final Frosting

Putting together the finishing touches is likely to be the most enjoyable part of decorating your child’s room for Christmas. Whether you are doing this as a surprise for your child or doing it together, this is where you get to make your winter wonderland truly magical.

If your child is older children, this is where you can really embrace their own unique style; and if you’re doing it on behalf of a younger child, this is where you can really let your own imagination go wild.

Rugs, wall hangings, bedding and ornaments are quick and easy ways to transform a room into the winter scene of your dreams. Choose a range of complementary colours and textures for a more finessed finish.

If you’re going for a fun and festive look, or even taking inspiration from the peaceful frosted forests of Narnia, there is plenty of inspiration out there online.

For example, the online culture magazine Culture South West suggest giving your child their own small Christmas tree by ‘placing branches in a pot and letting your child decorate them how they like’ and the decorating consultants at Ideal Home offer ideas such as dressing the headboard with foliage and styling festive displays.

Do it Yourself

Our final recommendation for turning your child’s bedroom into the winter wonderland of their dreams, is to choose some parts which you can do or make yourselves. This will give both them and you the opportunity to learn something new and be creative; as well as providing you with a fun and engaging project to keep you entertained and having fun together during the holidays.

Whether you want to try embroidery or decoupage, wood engraving or pottery; there are a myriad of ways in which you can harness your creativity for this project. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest having a look on Pinterest, where there are loads of great ideas which will have you and your child as busy and happy as two little elves.


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