Who writes Chalk Kids?

Chalk Kids is primarily written by Steph. I’m a twenty-something mum of two, if you’d like you can read more about my family and I on our about page. In addition, I also have some regular contributors who share wonderful articles on the blog such as recipes, DIY’s and lifestyle posts. I’ve always hoped for Chalk Kids to have a warm community feel to it!

Where are you based?

We started our family in London but we’re currently based up north in Scotland, which has been home for the last two years. 

How do I start a blog?

There are hundreds of posts on how to start a blog that I know will be far better than my tips. But for those interested, we personally use WordPress, which is self-hosted through Bluehost. However, Squarespace and Blogger are also popular. There are loads of templates to choose from or you could hire a web designer to help you create something bespoke. 

I highly recommend the blogging course from A Beautiful Mess, Blog Life! It’s a brilliant resource that will take you right from brainstorming your first blog through to launching and growing your audience.

Lastly, write the blog you’d love to read yourself! 

How did you start Chalk Kids?

I already had a background in blogging having run a personal blog for a couple of years whilst at University. The rest I’ve learnt a long the way through trial and error.

What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D5000 & edit with Lightroom

Where do you get inspiration?

I find inspiration comes in waves. I’ll have days when absolutely nothing will come to mind yet on others I’ll get a whole bunch of ideas. When I do I write them all down so I have a back-log for less creative days. Browsing through Pinterest, Bloglovin’, magazines and Instagram often helps too – but it’s important to always ask yourself how you can put your own spin on something! 

How do you plan your future posts?

With organisation I’d recommend getting a good blog/content planner, that way you can easily plan ahead. There’s a budget friendly one called Epic Blog Planner on Amazon.  I also love the Get To Work Book!

Who did your website design?

I’ve worked with the lovely Tabitha Emma for all my sites – she’s brilliant!