Gray Label’s New Bed Linen Collection

Every dream is a morning story…

Gray Label has launched its very own Bed Linen collection. This collection is the latest addition to the Gray Label Universe, created by Emily Gray. For Gray Label, sleep moment is as important as going outside and discovering the world. Safely wrapped up in warm blankets, magical things happen: impressions of the day are being processed and adventurous journeys are being experienced. Gray Label Bed Linen is designed to accommodate big dreams of little minimalists. Don’t forget your dreams!

The Gray Label Bed linen collection is made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton percale and consists of bed bumpers, pillowcases, sheets, sheets and duvet covers. The Bed Linen is available in four different colours, which are also used in Gray Label clothing collections: Blue Gray, Nearly Black, Mustard and Vintage Pink.

The collection is available now at