For Mum: 5 Mood Boosters For The Winter Slump

5 Mood Boosters For The Winter Slump

It’s that time of year again, which can leave you feeling a bit down and low on energy. With dark mornings, gloomy weather and icy cold days it’s only natural to feel a little low at this time of the year. I’ve pulled together a list of ways to help lift you up and out of the winter slump, hopefully these will help to pick you up if you’re currently feeling the winter blues like me!

1. Yoga.

For me, yoga is an instant pick me up. Half an hour or so on the yoga mat with soothing stretches and mindful breathing is enough to get your energy flowing, leaving you feeling refreshed, energised and happier. Following youtube tutorials like Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Camp is a great place to start, or get the kids involved with a parent & child class too!

2. Bath.  

Melt into a long bath full of soft bubbles for a welcoming treat on the cold winter days. I love Lush for their dreamy bath time offerings, the Flowering Tea Bubble Bar is ideal to lift spirits, with uplifting neroli, sunny orange flower absolute and real cornflowers it’s such a heavenly treat.

3. Fresh flowers. 

Filling the home with fresh flowers can really help to brighten your mood. Tulips and daffodils always grace my home at this time of the year, they brighten the home and make me so excited for spring blooms!

4. Pamper. 

Pulling out all of your favourite skincare treats, nail polish picks and hydrating body creams and taking the time to pamper can really help to boost your confidence and lift your mood.

After slathering on a nourishing face mask like Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask, I like to apply a silky face oil and paint my nails with a bright, perky shade like Essie Cute As a Button. Next, pop on your softest loungewear and indulge in your favourite TV series for a relaxing, pampering evening.

5. Treat yourself.

Whether it’s treating yourself to some new make up, home decor or a new book, a special purchase can really help to boost your mood. A dreamy candle like Diptyque Rosavolia is the perfect treat, it combines roses and violets to create a divine scent and the gorgeous packaging is guaranteed to make you smile!

Words & Photo by our Beauty Contributor, Sophie. Check out Sophie’s Makeup Blog or follow her on Instagram for professional make up tips.