Getting Back Into The School Routine

It’s hard to believe that the summer holidays have come to an end. For us, it’s been a somewhat unstructured 7 weeks (yep, 7!!). While some parents would find it unthinkable having this amount of time without a carefully planned schedule, we’ve enjoyed taking each week as it comes fitting in mini active classes, playdates, outings and our usual beach trips. However, as fun as it’s been to have a break from the norm, we’re now ready to get back to normal. Here’s how we’ve prepared for the back to school routine!

Start the day at the same time

This is a tip a mum of 3 shared with me on how she copes with her busy family schedule. She said that if you start each day at the same time (even on the weekends) it will make the rest of the day’s routine a whole lot easier – she was right! A lot of the time kids are naturally early risers, however, if they’re still in holiday mode, try using a Gro-Clock to get your kids starting and ending the day at the same times.

Put Things Out The Night Before

It’s always hectic in the mornings trying to get everyone ready and out the house on time. Something I’ve found helps with this is to get organised the night before, such as putting the coffee on self-timer and stacking bowls, spoons and cereal boxes on the table so that everything is there and ready. I like to make sure the dishwasher is also emptied the night before, to avoid a pile up next to the kitchen sink!!

Have Bags Packed Ready

Something else to prepare the night before are things like school bags, lunch boxes or any extra kit the kids might need the next day. I leave this ready by the front door so there’s no frantic running around looking for missing items. Basically, anything you can do the night before is worth it as there’s nothing worse than starting the day in a tizz hunting for things. 

Back To School Items We Love

A must have for the school run is a great, hard wearing raincoat. We love GOSOAKY, which come in a range of gorgeous colours. For the winter months, the Mini Rodini Siberia Coat is amazing quality and we’ve found they easily see our kids through two winters. Finally, some Aigle Rain Boots are another must have for keeping little feet cosy and dry.

Hopefully, this will all stand us in good stead for the first week back at pre-school! Have you got any handy tips and tricks you use in your own routines? I’d love to hear what your routine consists of!