3 Healthy Dinners With Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops!

Summer is in full swing and this week we’ve been busy attending shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. After all the excitement attending various shows, the boys worked up quite the appetite by dinner time! Needing something quick and hassle free, I found it was the perfect opportunity to trial Heinz’s new No Added Sugar Hoops. 

It only took a few minutes to serve them up and I barely had a chance to ask Finlay his opinion before he gobbled everything down, using the last of the hoops sauce to dip his fish goujons in. I’m no hoop connoisseur but after sampling some myself I barely noticed a difference between the no added sugar and standard version. Given how quickly they disappeared from Finlay’s bowl, I think we can say they’ve passed the family taste test with flying colours!

As a health conscious Mum, I’m pleased to see that Heinz is leading the way being the first brand to bring out a no added sugar variety to the canned pasta category. Their spaghetti hoops also contain one of your five a day with a whole tomato squeezed into every portion and are free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. The new No Added Sugar Hoops are completely free from artificial sweeteners and instead have been naturally sweetened with Stevia plant extracts to replace the sugar, making them a guilt-free meal to fuel the kids when you need something on the table fast. 

What we’ve always loved about hoops is how you can serve them with just about anything, from good old toast to a tasty baked potato. For some inspiration, I thought I’d share a few of our favourite hoops-inspired dinners that we like to switch between. Check them out below!

Chicken Kebabs, Pitta & Carrot Sticks and Hoops

The boys love chicken kebabs, which I tend to marinade the night before, but even ten minutes will do. We like this recipe by, Jamie Oliver and you can simply vary the spices to make them milder. Kids love to dunk, so some chopped pitta bread and carrot sticks make a great side dish to accompany the hoops. 

Homemade Fish Goujons, Salad and Hoops

Homemade goujons take no time at all and tick all the healthy boxes! We like to use a Cod or Sole fillet, then all you need to do is roll them in some bread crumbs, season and add a squeeze of lemon. Whilst they’re baking in the oven you can mix up a little salad and heat up your hoops. This is always a favourite in our house! 

Veggie Burger With Feta & Aubergine, Cucumber Slices and Hoops

I always have some veggie burgers stored in the freezer for evenings when I’m tight on time. They’re also a great way to sneak some extra veg into your children’s dinner. I like to serve them with cucumber slices to add some crunch and a portion of hoops. 

Have you tried the new hoops yet? I’d love to hear your favourite ways to serve them?

Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops is available in major supermarkets. RRP: £0.55 for 205g and £0.75 for 400g. *This post was written in collaboration with Heinz.