How To Make A Modern Dolls House Part 1

We’re super excited to start this new series on the blog, which features the wonderful Alice from Alice in Scandiland who is here to share with us her DIY expertise on how to make a modern dolls house. It’s the perfect DIY project to take on this summer and one the whole family can enjoy getting involved with. 

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, you’re just setting yourself up for a fail come February, but I did decide to try and push myself this year and build up some hobbies. Mostly I’ve failed at this too, but we’re only in May, so there’s still time.

In January I was sent a very exciting parcel from the wonderfully inspiring Steph at Mostly Miniature, all the way from Australia, which contained no end of inspiration for a fab little project…

How To Make A Miniature Refurbished Dolls House Part 1 | Chalk Kids BlogI may have squealed out loud a little when I opened the parcel, instantly my brain was ticking away, dreaming up the perfect tiny Scandi house, a chance to have some serious mini interior fun.

I decorated an MDF house, bought from eBay, for Nancy’s birthday the year before last, I kept things really simple, sticking to freestanding furniture as I knew it would have to withstand the clumsy, heavy handedness of young children. The tiny doll’s house wallpaper was an emailed PDF from This Modern Life, the furniture was also bought mostly from eBay and given a modern twist with bright colours and fabric.     

But for this next project, I will be worrying less about practicalities, as primarily it will be a show piece for me, somewhere to live out my interior design dreams, like a beautiful bathroom. Those that follow my blog will know my ugly bathroom tales of woe! I’ll let the girls play with from time to time I’m sure, as a treat, they already have 2 other Doll’s Houses though, I deserve my own one surely?!

However, first I would need a house.

I’m not adverse to paying out for something if I think it will be worth it, I save up, sell on bits and bobs to fund the more expensive pieces in our home. I would utterly love the Ferm Living Doll’s house, simple to just sit and look at it all day… 

But it’s beauty lies in it’s simplicity and I wouldn’t feel right adding to it I don’t think, plus at approx £165 it isn’t something you want to just ‘try out’ ideas on!

So I put a ‘Wanted’ ad out on some local Facebook selling pages, for a Plan Toys house. We already have one which the girls use as a home for their Schleich animals, an eBay bargain at 99p! The size and proportions lend themselves perfectly to this kind of project as it’s very simple, lovely plain wood and has sizeable rooms.

I was really lucky as a lady answered my ad and gave me the house FOR FREE! Along with a bag of furniture, some of which I have kept, with the intention of adapting to use alongside the Mostly Miniature lovelies, the rest has been passed on. This is a little trick I use regularly when I’m after something specific, I create a collage of photos to illustrate what I would like, then I post on local selling pages. Quite often someone may have that chair/ toy/ plant/ cupboard you’re after, but hadn’t until that moment thought about selling, so you jog their memory and jump straight to the front of the queue. It’s very satisfying finding that thing you’re after locally.

I’ve already started to have a little play…   

The tiles are samples ordered for our kitchen, but they will make perfect floor coverings, I’m already more than a little jealous of this mini world and I’m very excited to get started properly.

I thought you may like to follow my progress along the way, so this will be a little series of sporadic blog posts, shared over the next few months. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to start your own tiny house project, perhaps you already have? We’d love to see your creations.

I’m very lucky to have a head start with these wonderful creations, but I’m also looking forward to coming up with my own tiny makes too, in turn hopefully inspiring full-scale ideas for our home.

Written by our DIY & Lifestyle contributor, Alice Collyer. Living in Cornwall with her husband and children Nancy and Eula, Alice is a blogger, Interior Stylist and work from home Mum. You can follow her on her blog Alice in Scandiland, on Instagram and Facebook.