Easter Craft Ideas With Monsoon

Easter is right around the corner and this year we’ve teamed up with Monsoon to create two easy and fun Easter crafts to make with the kids over the holidays! Most of the supplies you might already have from previous family art projects, however, if you’re missing anything you’ll find everything you need at the supermarket and good old Hobbycraft

Our first Easter craft involves some cute homemade cards, which would be perfect to send to friends and family. Once you get started there are plenty of variations you can create using your classic Easter themes such as eggs, chicks and bunnies. We had fun stamping various messages, which you could also add on the inside. Don’t forget you can use up any leftover materials to repeat the idea for future holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. 

Our second craft idea involves making use of what you already have at home by upcycling an old egg carton and egg shells to create a beautiful Easter centrepiece! We simply used up the eggs throughout the week and saved the shells before painting them to use as a base to hold some seasonal Spring flowers. You really can’t go wrong with this simple idea, well, unless your baby has a new found taste for blossoms… *see pic below* 

We had such a great time creating these and hope you’ll enjoy giving them a try! Below are some behind the scenes pictures of how we got on. To check out the full tutorials pop over to Monsoon’s blog, where you’ll find all the details you need to give these DIY’s a bash. Happy crafting!