Rhubarb & Custard Ice Lollies

Our wonderful food contributor, Cathryn is back with another delicious recipe for us, this month making use of seasonal ingredients creating a twist on a classic sweet treat… 

We are definitely into Spring now! Being a food blogger, means I’m already thinking about all the delicious things I can make this summer including, ice lollies! These are incredibly easy to make yourself and can be adapted to include different tasty ingredients. It’s also a great way to get kids to eat fruit that they might not normally eat.

Rhubarb is currently in season and tastes delicious at the moment, which is where the inspiration came for these fun Rhubarb & Custard lollies. These lollies make an amazing treat and taste just like our favourite rhubarb and custard sweets – perfect for a sunny Spring day! Check out the recipe below.

Rhubarb & Custard Ice Lollies

Makes 6

350g rhubarb or tinned rhubarb

50ml cloudy apple juice

350g ready made custard

1 tbsp honey

(food colouring if desired)

Blend the rhubarb and apple juice until smooth. If using fresh rhubarb soften before hand.  Add a small amount of pink colouring if desired.

Fill your ice lolly mould half way with custard. Cling film over the top and place in the freezer on it’s side, this will give your ice lollies the effect in the photographs.

Freeze for an hour. After an hour top up the lolly moulds with the rhubarb puree and place in the lolly stick. Freeze overnight.

Photos and recipes by our food contributor, Cathryn Wood. Check out Cathryn’s blog Little Paper Swans and find her on Instagram where she shares snapshots of motherhood and of course yummy food!