Spring DIY Idea: Creative Ways To Upcycle Terracotta Pots!

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest contributor, Alice Collyer (who many of you may know from Alice in Scandiland). Check out her great Spring DIY Idea featuring creative ways to up-cycle new or old terracotta pots! 

Hello, I’m very excited to have been asked along as a creative contributor for Chalk Kids, I love nothing more than to browse beautiful interiors, fashion and general lovelies, I hope I can continue the theme of idea sharing by bringing you inspiration from our family home, with some of my makes and musings.

Last week I turned my attention to some little succulents and cacti that have been crying out for some tlc, stuck in their sad little plastic pots. Whilst doing the food shop at Asda I came across these lovely little terracotta pots and at 70p each I thought it was definitely worth giving them a DIY facelift.

I had a spare hour before school pickup and a few cans of spray paint left over from other projects, so I thought I’d get a little creative. Nice, quirky plant pots can be tricky to come by, local garden centres still tend to only stock quite traditional styles and the costs quickly add up when shopping online. We all need a cheap crafty fix every once in a while.

I taped various patterns onto the pots using masking and washi tape, I didn’t have a lot of time so kept things very simple. I popped outside and gave the pots a quick spray, luckily I had white and gold Montana Gold spray paint, perfect neutral colours to fit in with my existing pot collection. I would definitely recommend this brand, bought from fat Buddha, as I’ve used it for many upcycle projects around the house, all of which you can see over on my blog, Alice in Scandiland.

By the time I had returned from collecting my daughters the pots were dry enough to handle, so I removed the tape and set about deciding on how to further customise them. I very roughly sprayed 2 of the now all white pots with the gold around the base, being careful to aim the majority of the paint actually away from the pot to reduce coverage. With the other plain white pots I got a little arty with a fine black Sharpie pen, drawing some little stick trees in a loosely repeated pattern. I really like the childlike naivety of these ones, they’ve definitely turned out to be my favourites, my gorgeous little Pilea Peperomioides (Chinese Money Plant) is very happy with it’s new home.


I had a little audience for potting up, these 2 are always eager to ‘help’, in this case asking a thousand and one questions about why Cacti are so spikey, at one point I wasn’t really paying attention and decided to grab a cactus in an ungloved hand, I really don’t advise this, I had to carry a pair of tweezers around with me for the rest of the day to remove all the tiny little almost invisible thorns from my hand!

Once the plants are potted up, using Cacti and Succulent compost, I like to top the soil with small stones/ gravel. This stops any mess when watering, keeps the plant clean and also it just looks nice! I love this Amethyst mix, bought from Pets At Home, the purple tones really make the plants stand out. This particular succulent is called Buddha’s Temple Crassula, I have several of them around the house, I love their odd slightly crazed look. Here’s a more mature one in a Succulent bowl I made my brother for his birthday…

So there you are, £4.20’s worth of pots, all with a little twist. The possibilities are endless and I will definitely be repeating this activity with some different colours and patterns, especially as I have a bad habit of not being able say no to a cute little plant when I see one, or five!

Written by our DIY & Lifestyle contributor, Alice Collyer. Living in Cornwall with her husband and children Nancy and Eula, Alice is a blogger, Interior Stylist and work from home Mum. You can follow her on her blog Alice in Scandiland, on Instagram and Facebook.