A Fun Bath Time Routine!

Splish, splash, splosh! Bath time has long been recommended to be part of your baby and toddler’s bedtime routine. It’s not only a soothing end to the day, but is another way for your little ones to use up any final energy by having a splash and playing with some toys. To make bath time more manageable the boys have one every other day, unless they’ve been particularly messy! Bath time has always been something we look forward to and over the past few years we’ve developed a fun little routine that works well and all of us enjoy.

First things first – Filling up the tub!

We start by filling the tub with some warm water and a relaxing bubble bath. Recently we’ve been trying out the new Mother & Baby range from Lloyds Pharmacy, many of their products are paediatrician-approved and all specially formulated to be gentle on newborn skin. They smell lovely and you don’t need to add much to create plenty of bubbles. Now that the boys are older we use an anti slip mat, so that they can sit up easily in the bath and have some freedom to move. We always get the wriggly part out of the way first, with a quick scrub followed by a hair wash, using a shampoo that has been specially formulated to be gentle on young scalps, skin and eyes. This lowers the risk of stingy eyes, which I’m sure many of us still remember! A hair rinser jug is another handy way to avoid getting any soapy water on their face.

Playtime & Imaginative Games

Next up is the fun part. We love to play games with the boys’ ocean Schleich animals! Simple toys like these are great for inspiring littles ones to use their imaginations. Alternatively, bath crayons are another one to try out, as they can easily be washed off after. Toddlers are learning all the time so imaginative and free play like this are great ways to encourage the development of creative thinking. We also love these little rabbit wash mits, which are perfect for playing puppet games with! Having a special character is another way to get the kids excited for bath time, as they know what to expect and can look forward to the familiarity of a certain funny ‘puppet voice’. It works every time for us!

Towel Dry & Baby Massage

When it’s time to finally pry away your ducklings from the water, the lure of some cosy towels, fresh pyjamas and a snuggly dressing gown is always a winning combo. We like to dedicate time to making sure the boys are fully dry before dressing, to ensure that any excess water has been absorbed as this can cause irritated skin. We follow this by using a gentle lotion for a few minutes of baby massage to treat any dry patches and help them to relax before bedtime. Finally, they’re all set to have their teeth brushed before settling into bed with a bedtime story from Dad. You can check out some of our favourite bedtime reads here

Do you have a bath time routine? What are your favourite bath time products? We’d love to hear! 

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    This post was written in collaboration with Lloyds Pharmacy.