A Peek Into Alice in Scandiland’s Creative Family Home

We’re thrilled to be chatting to the amazing Alice in Scandiland all about interiors, motherhood and making the most of what you already have. Take a peek into her beautiful Scandi inspired family home in Cornwall full of Mid Century furniture, cosy furnishings and pretty pops of colour!  

Hi Alice, tell us a bit about yourself and your family?

I live in Cornwall with my husband and two little girls Nancy and Eula. I’ve been a stay at home mum since my eldest was born, but started my blog, Alice in Scandiland, as a way to curate all that was happening in our home, to share, keep record and connect with other creative people. I’m starting to expand this now by selling a few bits and pieces I have made, home accessories, an idea/ experiment I am hoping to expand upon this year.

How would you describe your home?

It’s taken me quite a while to fall in love with our home, essentially it was a pretty characterless and small 80s house and I always felt a bit suffocated and too contained. But over the years we have made it what it is today, bright, open and quite ordered, making the most of what we are fortunate to have. I love Scandinavian design/ interiors, mixed up with some Mid Century furniture and perhaps some Bohemian Modern twists here and there more recently.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to decorating?

I don’t think I follow any rules as such, I just go where my heart takes me. I tend to listen to that more than my head sometimes, which my husband finds a little frustrating! If I get an idea I have to run with it. Our house isn’t that big so it’s all about creating a sense of space and attention to detail. I like furniture with legs or wall mounted pieces, seeing the floor continue underneath creates the idea of larger rooms and it feels less cluttered. Pure Brilliant White walls are a must with children around, easily wiped or touched up. It also means the details within a room are the focus, a beautiful bright print, a wonderful piece of furniture or perhaps a lovely plant. Overall I stick to a very neutral, natural toned colour pallet and then I can change pieces within that room as and when the mood takes me, but the blank canvas background helps to keep it all cohesive and flowing.

Which rooms tend to get the most use? 

Our ground floor is kind of open plan, with one central wall separating the living room from the kitchen, but you can walk around in a circle, or run if you’re a crazy 5 and 3 year old! This is since we added an extension last Summer, something that has transformed our lives. I felt we had outgrown the house and with 2 wild little people thrown into the mix, home felt stressful. Since the extension the house is transformed and our downstairs space is so much more sociable. There is room for us to all come together, but also enjoy doing things independently as well.

What makes you love where you live? 

I think it’s human nature to want to change things, want a little more, more space, maybe more money to buy more space! We are comfortable in our home now, we aren’t stretched financially because we chose not to take a step up to something much bigger, instead to expand a little, adapt what we have and I’m quite proud of that. We are creating our little world, tailored to us as a family. Cornwall is such a beautiful place to live and we have the countryside and beaches right on our doorstep, I love that we can be a part of that within minutes of leaving the house. That’s the childhood I want for our girls.

What does an ideal family day look like?

My ideal day would be everyone waking in a good mood, it does happen sometimes, though perhaps not as often as I would like! Breakfast, followed by the children doing some crafting at their art table, one of the most used areas of the house, whilst I drink a cup of tea. Then we would pack up a picnic and head to the beach, ignoring the weather forecast. We all work much better as a team if we’ve stretched our legs, got a bit dirty and Nancy and Eula have had a taste of independence and freedom. Then we’d come home, get into our pyjamas, drink warm drinks in front of the fire and watch a film together. Oh and wine, wine would probably feature in there too!

Can you share some of your favourite interior shops?

I love to buy from small, independent businesses when I can, Cornwall is full of beautiful and interesting little shops, I’m also very partial to a Carboot/ Junk Shop/ Charity shop treasure hunt, but being a mum means very little time to frolic around the county browsing and aside from a rather good TKMaxx the town we live in is a bit lacking on the interior shop front, so the majority of my shopping is done online. I adore anything from Fine Little Day, Hema do some great reasonably priced accessories, Rachel Powell, Catching Doodles, the little Original Marrakech customisable baskets they sell are super cute and check out their fab books. This Modern Life is very inspiring and full of glorious things, oh and I am completely addicted to Olli Ella baskets!

Finally, what’s currently on your wish list? 

House Doctor Black Vertical Mirror with shelf, as per usual I have several projects on the go at home, foremost at the moment is our bedroom, a transformation I’m really excited about. I would absolutely love this shelf for next to the built-in wardrobe, a beautifully simple multipurpose piece.

The Mini End neon heart, from bag&bone. Nancy’s room is missing something, I’m not quite sure what but I know a playful pop of neon pink would go down very well with her.

Fine Little Day’s Skog print, for our half landing, I love the idea of it looking like another window, looking out on a bleak and beautiful Swedish Forest scape.

We’re also starting to turn our attention to the garden, a baron, muddy mess post building work and I’m hoping for a big chunky concrete table, which will double as a Table Tennis table. We’ll have a go at making that ourselves, I stuck the Table Tennis angle in there to get my husband on board, it worked!

Thank you Alice for sharing your beautiful home with us! We’re super excited to be welcoming Alice as a contributor here on Chalk Kids so you’ll be seeing more of her creative flair here on the blog very soon. In the meantime check out Alice’s blog Alice In Scandiland and her wonderful Instagram @aliceinscandiland