2 Healthy Family Friendly Smoothie Recipes

It’s the start of a New Year and if like me you’re feeling like you over indulged over Christmas you might be in need of a quick pick me up. These healthy smoothie recipes are a great way to boost vitamins and get some much need fruit (and veg) into your diet. What’s great about smoothies is that kids love them! Well Edith does. They’re perfect for days she hasn’t eaten much or been a little under the weather. I simply whizz up a smoothie and I know that she’s getting some well needed nutrients. Both of these smoothie recipes are personal favourites of ours, however they also make a great smoothie bowl breakfast too. Just top with a few of the ingredients or whatever you have in your cupboards for a filling and nutritious start to the day. Check them out below! 

Berry Green Smoothie Bowl

1 ripe banana

150g frozen summer fruits

1tbsp Acai Powder

75g frozen spinach

2 tbsp oats

50ml Greek Yogurt

150ml cloudy apple juice

Place all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. Top the smoothie bowl with some shredded coconut, sliced banana and a sprinkle of oats or cacao nibs. Serve in a glass for a smoothie.

Apple & Peach Smoothie

2 apples

1 tin of peaches, in juice

½ tin of pineapple pieces in juice

1 tbsp sunflower seeds

2 tbsp oats

Place all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. Serve with a colourful straw and extra slice of pineapple. To make a smoothie bowl top with sunflower seeds, pineapple pieces and oats.

Photos and recipes by our food contributor, Cathryn Wood. Check out Cathryn’s blog Little Paper Swans and find her on Instagram where she shares snapshots of motherhood and of course yummy food!