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Our amazing web designer has just launched her exciting new project – a free kids cookbook featuring a special little farmer called Herbert Peabody. Herbie has been helping children know, grow and love their food through his children’s book series of vegetable patch adventures. And now, Herbie’s author, Bianca C Ross, and illustrator, Tabitha Emma Bray, are bringing Herbie’s Patch to Plate philosophy to children through their new series of cookbook e-books.

“We want to inspire kids to taste fresh produce, because Herbie knows the yummiest dishes use the freshest veggies and fruits,” said Bianca, an ex food marketer who saw first-hand the disconnect between children understanding where food comes from. “I was running research groups where children were telling me milk came from a supermarket in a bottle, and it struck me something needed to be done. There was a lot of great information about growing and cooking food for adults, but not that much for kids. And this was the inspiration for Herbert Peabody.”

Free Healthy Kids Cookbook | Chalk Kids Blog “After working on the vegetable patch adventures, we started talking about what we were cooking with the produce we grew,” said Tabitha, designer and illustrator. “I’m a mum of two boys, aged three and almost one, and it’s hard to incorporate veggies into their meals. Each recipe in the Herbert Peabody Cookbook e-book series uses at least one fruit or vegetable, so children can see fresh produce being combined into delicious meals. Since embarking on Herbie’s cookbook series, I now have requests at 7am for the mini rolling pin so he can bake his own biscuits!”

Herbert Peabody has his own Cooking Club for Kids, where Bianca and Tabitha run a forum for parents and children to create dishes and ask questions about cooking yummy and healthy meals little people love. Members tag their creations with #herbertpeabodycooks and, together help teach the next generation how to create delicious food that’s good for them too.

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