For Mama: The Affordable Winter Face Mask

No doubt about it, having children can wreak havoc with your skin. There’s hormones, and then there’s lack of sleep – and then there’s the mere fact of having less time (and perhaps even money) to spend on yourself than you used to. Add to this all of the usual suspects that come into play at this time of year – the change of season, the indulgences of December festivities … honestly, there have been times when looking in the mirror has reminded me of a temper-tantruming two year old, complete with sugar rush!

I’ve long tired of buying products to tackle specific problems, only to find that the problem then changes to something different: dry skin one week and hormonal outbreaks the next point to a cabinet full of half used and then abandoned bottles. So when a glossy American friend recommends nügg, the thing that initially attracts me to them is their single-shot packaging – that, and the fact that they remind me a little of Nespresso pods. Honestly, package anything in a way that’s vaguely reminiscent of coffee (and Clooney) and I’m bound to buy it. However, while I rely on several Nespresso pods each day to keep me functional, just one little ‘nugget’ of concentrated skincare each week serves me beautifully – with each variety comprising different blends of natural goodness and aimed at addressing a particular skin issue.

Dry skin? Drench your with extracts of camellia seed, spirulina and aloe, which are blended in the pink-packaged Hydrating Face Mask. Plagued by break outs? The Deep Cleansing Mask will get right into your pores and leave you with a shine-free complexion, while the Soothing Mask will balance and calm your skin. There are also combinations for anti-ageing, de-stressing and exfoliating. 

The Affordable Winter Face Mask By nügg

Pollution and environmental factors also have plenty to answer for when it comes to the condition of our skin, so boosting its natural defences is vital; to this end, nügg products employ Natural Oil Dispersion Technology with extracts of aloe, olive, cranberry, grape & linseed, all of which strengthen the skin’s own barriers. Applying a mask just once a week, in addition to a regular cleansing routine, gives results that are not only immediately apparent, but also have further-reaching effects.

As someone who’s been around the beauty counter a few times, I was mildly sceptical – but after a few weeks of masking, I noticed that my skin appeared smoother and firmer, and that it maintained a glow even as the last vestiges of my warm-weather colour disappeared. And as we all know, as a mother, time is very rarely on your side – so I love the fact that I can boost the beneficial effects of the mask by sleeping with it on, thus killing two skincare birds with one nügg. Dry lips are also catered for, with a lip mask packaged in a dinky gold bauble – after removal, my lips looked plumper and softer – really rather Mistletoe worthy, actually – making this a great little stocking filler. 

A single-serve, single-use mask is priced at £3.29; alternatively, packs of four (either Exfoliating, Soothing, Hydrating, and Revitalising or Deep Cleansing, Exfoliating, Soothing and Hydrating) are available for £12.99; or pay £16.45 for five masks in the combination of your choice.

nügg Face Masks are available to buy from Selfridges, Beauty Bay and Amazon.

Written by, Sarah Rodrigues. Originally from Australia, Sarah is now settled in London with her English husband Dave and three children Phoenix, Cassian & Leon (plus the Zeus, the Greek rescue dog!) She travels as often as possible and writes between drop-offs and pick-ups. You can follow her on Instagram at @justtwenteen