Tackling Those Mama Under Eye Circles

Do you remember the hunt for The Nappy Bag? That Holy Grail of a bag that’s stylish and good-looking, but also works perfectly functionally for you, your little ones and your lifestyle? No sooner have you found it, when you suddenly discover that you’ve got these other bags too: ones that you didn’t order online and that are far darker and less jaunty looking than anything of a Scandi-design nature. Yep, we’re talking the big dark ones under your eyes, brought about by that lethal combination of tiredness and ageing – the former being pretty much inevitable when you have young children; the latter being plain old inevitable. 

Granted, not everyone will be similarly afflicted – genes and lifestyle have a big part to play in that, (funnily enough, this seems to be the case in most of the things we bemoan and lament..) but while you can’t do much about the genes, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your lifestyle and diminish the dark circles. Yes, yes, you know all of these already – drink water to flush away toxins and to hydrate and plump up the skin, limit your alcohol intake, choose unprocessed foods over processed ones and avoid salt, which causes you to retain fluid and contributes to puffiness. 

And then of course, there’s myriad of eye creams and products purporting to improve the appearance of bags and circles. Some of these undoubtedly work, at least to some extent, and I can’t for one moment claim to have tried them all. But when an aesthetic doctor suggested I turn to fillers to reduce the tired and aged appearance of my under-eye area, I immediately decided to investigate other methods first, even if some of these were mildly invasive. 

I’m drawn to Mesotherapy because, although it still involves going ‘under the needle’, the blend of ingredients it delivers by way of that pin prick are substances which occur naturally within the skin, but which diminish with age – Vitamin C, for example, plus Vitamin A, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. To me, this makes as much sense as taking an iron supplement when your iron levels are low – it’s just a targeted approach which puts those substances right where they’re needed. 

ClinicBe Knightsbridge ReviewClinicBe Knightsbridge Review

I’m nothing but soothed when I arrive at ClinicBe’s discreet Belgravia mews location – and even more so when I meet Dr Barbara Kubicka, who is nothing short of a brilliant advertisement for the aesthetic work she does. Her approach, while very much based on multiple and complementary treatments for best results, contains no trace of pushiness: she agrees that I’d see best results with a combination of Mesotherapy and fillers, but equally, is certain that good results will be achieved with Mesotherapy alone. 

And so away we go. A numbing cream is placed under my eyes and once this takes effect, the needle slides in gently a few times under each eye. There’s a bit of puffiness for a day or two afterwards but once this has passed, I’m amazed at how much less gaunt I look: my under eye area appears refreshed, plumped out and lighter, more consistent in tone and texture with the rest of my face. I’m also struck by how much less my skin ‘drags’ under my finger when I apply eye cream at night. Best of all, despite the number of people telling me how well I look, you honestly can’t tell that I’ve had anything ‘done’: my face is still entirely mobile, my eyes crinkle when I smile – I just look really refreshed and – dare I say it – a tad younger. Two weeks later I have a second treatment and the effects are even more discernible. 

Granted, I won’t be relying on Mesotherapy alone to sort my dark circles out – and Dr Kubicka herself is very strict about the importance of complementing aesthetic therapy with good lifestyle choices – but with results likely to last around 12 months, it seems to me worth every penny. After all, like a nappy bag, your face is something that you carry around with you every day – it may as well tick just as many boxes! 

One mesotherapy treatment at ClinicBe costs £175, with discounts offered on courses of 3 (£475) and 10 (£1575) 

T: 0207 125 0521 

Written by, Sarah Rodrigues. *Sarah received a press discount to test out the mesotherapy treatments, all opinions are her own. Originally from Australia, Sarah is now settled in London with her English husband Dave and three children Phoenix, Cassian & Leon (plus the Zeus, the Greek rescue dog!) She travels as often as possible and writes between drop-offs and pick-ups. You can follow her on Instagram at @justtwenteen