5 Ways To Make Your Child’s Bed More Snug This Winter

The temperatures are starting to drop and the streets are littered with fallen leaves, a sure sign that winter’s now on its way. However, there’s something magical about the winter months and we’re not just talking about Christmas. It’s also a chance to embrace Hygge and enjoy the comfort of our own homes. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to add some special personal touches to your little one’s room, starting with a cosy and inviting bed is a great place to start! Below are some of our favourite ways to create the perfect snug children’s bed for a sound night’s sleep.

1. Go Whimsical With a Hanging Canopy

There’s something so beautiful about a numero 74 canopy draped above a bed or cot, especially when paired with a sweet hanging mobile. It creates the perfect spot to hide from the cold and allows sleepy heads to drift off in their own private world. They come in a range of colours making them perfect for boys and girls and you can have fun personalising them with anything from fairy lights to strings of glittery stars. 

2. Have Fun With Textiles

We love beds that are scattered with different pillows, warm blankets and stuffed toys. It helps make them unique and personal, not to mention a cool spot to hang out. It’s super simple to create this layered look, for example why not try teaming a fun printed sheet with a thick duvet that has a different texture such as linen or muslin, finish the look with plenty of scatter cushions in different sizes and fabrics. Don’t be afraid to play with colours too, in the winter we love soft muted hues and pastel shades. 

Cosy Kids BedroomCosy Kids Bedroom
3. Turn Their Bed Into A Sofa in The Day

We love when a bed can double up as a comfy sofa during the day, making your kids’ room an inviting place to hang out. It couldn’t be easier to create this look, all you need to do is line up the cushions along the wall and perhaps drape a cute throw over the side. Any beds work for this look, even bunkbeds, simply focus on the bottom bunk to create your sofa section. However, some work better than others for this look, Happy Beds have a great selection of stylish bunkbeds for kids to choose from. 

4. Decorate The Walls

Whether it’s with a lick of paint, a new wallpaper, garland or a gallery wall, decorating the wall beside your kid’s bed is a great way to help make it more of a focal point in the room. Making a decor statement helps draw your eye in so that it’s the first thing you notice in the bedroom! We love stuffed animal heads and funky wall decals, which are easy and relatively inexpensive decor upgrades.

5. Mismatch Colours and Prints

One of our favourite looks for beds big and small is mismatched bedding. It adds loads of character and is a fun way to make use of all of your favourite bed linen. Some bedding companies already provide this look, for example this set from TBC combines a beautiful night sky print with stylish stripes. However, you can achieve this look simply by pairing any different cushion covers or sheets you have, all they need to do is clash!

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