Our Most Used Toddler Toys

Our Most Used Toddler Toys Ikea Duktig | Chalk Kids Blog

It’s getting closer to our move out date and whilst we’re excited to move into our new family home, there’s a certain trepidation at the amount of packing we still need to do. We’ve started with the boys’ room to finally deal with the amount of toys that have amassed over the last three years. What I’ve found sad is how many of these lovely toys don’t get played with. I’m not sure about your toddlers, but Finlay tends to favour a select group of toys. Even at nursery or when visiting a friend’s house, he’ll always go for what he knows best.

It’s opened my eyes to the fact we could easily let go of half of these toys and Finlay wouldn’t bat an eye-lid. Whilst it’s sad to pack them away into bags (like a scene from Toy Story) it also feels good to know that the boys don’t need this large collection to be happy. Their room is already lighter and less cluttered for it – Thank you Marie Kondo! We’ve dropped off a couple of the bags at our local charity shop, whilst some old clothes have been sold on eBay. There’s their A/W wardrobes to think about soon 😉

I thought it would be interesting to  share the toys we’ve kept and that genuinely get played with on a regular basis.


Firstly, Brio! This is by far Finlay’s absolute favourite thing to play with. His grandparents held onto his Dad’s well loved set from when he was a little boy and F adores it. He loves his classic Thomas & Friends trains, especially Gordon! However, Ikea do a great value range.  


We have a big box of Duplo, which is played with daily. It’s another classic that never fails to keep them entertained. Parker loves the colours, whilst Finlay is obsessed with building huge towers. Our favourite sets are: Duplo trains and Airplane

Ferm Living Tent

I wondered when we bought this lovely tent if it would ever get used, but Finlay always gets excited when it comes out on a rainy day. He loves bringing his toys inside and recently I’ve had to stop him attempting to climb in through the windows. 

Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen

The Ikea Play Kitchen is such a hit when Finlay has his little friends over. They love shoving the mini pots and pans in the drawers (plus anything else they can find!) He likes it best when Mum and Dad join in too, especially if we request something like eggs or coffee. He makes a mean pretend Cappuccino!

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Micro Scooter

It’s been a slow burner, but Finlay’s finally starting to get the hang of his mini scooter. When he gets it right, he loves it! But he’s still battling with ‘the fear’ and occasionally will pretend dive off it to show us just how dangerous it is. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he’s whizzing through the park.

I’d love to hear what your toddler’s most used toys are? Have you cut back on the extras that go un-played with?