Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity With Catching Doodles

We’ve not had the best weather recently, in fact it’s been downright awful. As cabin fever set in all round we decided to risk it and take the boys to one of our favourite local cafes, which also happens to be one of the smallest. We knew it would be a challenge, so I made sure I was armed with some good behaviour bribes to take with us from online store, Catching Doodles.

Catching Doodles was founded by, Lucy Stamp and came about after, “one too many mornings of “can I have the iPad?”. So we set about finding products that would encourage creativity in our kids – products that would help us spend more time together, and sometimes enable us to simply have a bit of peace without always resorting to screen time.”

Tiba & Marl Elwood Bag | Chalk Kids BlogWoody Colouring Pencils/Crayons | Chalk Kids BlogEncouraging Your Child's Creativity With Catching DoodlesDSC_0229Limiting screen time will be one of the battles we’ll face as our boys get older, but it’s already a worry of mine. I want my boys to be imaginative, to express their creativity and enjoy the therapeutic feeling of colouring. It’s meant I’m often on the hunt for more creative forms of entertainment, ones that will leave Finlay with a sense of achievement after and not a headache from a busy screen.

One of my new favourites is this Grumpy Doodle Book by Taro Gomi – It’s the perfect way to allow toddlers to express their (rather complex) emotions! It’s small enough to carry in my bag and full of fun little tasks that I can help him with… or just to use a scribbling pad! For drawing, we love these classic chunky Stabilo Colouring Pencils, which are a colouring pencil, wax crayon and watercolour all in one! 

I always like to bring a little something along for Parker too, even though he’s at the lovely stage where he finds even a spoon, just fascinating! I’ve always had a soft spot for Wee Gallery products, especially their baby flashcards created from bold, whimsical, hand-painted originals that cater to a baby’s visual strengths. 

Long Dog Cafe Mummy Break | Chalk Kids BlogThe Grumpy Doodle Book | Chalk Kids BlogWee Gallery Art Cards | Chalk Kids BlogWee Gallery Art Cards | Chalk Kids BlogAhh… is there anything better as a parent than ordering a coffee and actually getting to finish it?!

This post was written in partnership with Catching Doodles – make sure you check out their lovely online store, where they have searched high and low for beautiful products from around the World which will inspire children and their families – https://catchingdoodles.co.uk you can also find them on Instagram & Facebook