10 Fun DIY Garden Activities

With warmer weather and sunnier days on the rise (fingers crossed!), summer means we get to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors! Whether it’s munching on ice-creams in the park or building sandcastles on the beach, we know there’s nothing more fun and exciting for the little ones than entire days spent playing outside in the sunshine.

Whilst day-trips and outings are always a great entertainment option at this time of year, they can often be pricey and start to add up. Luckily, it’s perfectly possible to have just as much fun with the kids right in your own garden. After all, nothing says “summer” quite like family lawn games and a good old BBQ.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to get creative and start a summer project! From making an oversized chalkboard to transforming the garden shed into a playhouse, check out our list of awesome DIY outdoor activities below. Summer holidays, we’re ready for you!

10 Fun & Easy Outdoor Garden Games1. This summer-themed giant matching game by Studio DIY is great for all ages, and includes print-out stencils for the symbols.

Garden Shed To Playhouse

2. This magical up-cycled greenhouse by Home Depot Blog has made us want to invest in a garden shed of our own! You can find a great selection of sizes and styles at Green House Stores which will give the whole family a wonderful summer holidays project! 

10 Fun & Easy Outdoor Garden Games | Chalk Kids Blog

3. Love bowling? Give this recycled bottle bowling game a go. It’s easy, good for the planet, toddler-friendly to boot, and you don’t even have to rent those eye-sore shoes…

10 Fun & Easy Outdoor Garden Games | Chalk Kids Blog

4. Bean Bag Toss is a classic and the kids will love helping you create these friendly monsters. 

10 Fun & Easy Outdoor Garden Games | Chalk Kids Blog

5. Get messy with some balloon dart painting – the end result could make a funky addition to the kids’ bedroom decor.

10 Fun & Easy Outdoor Garden Games

6. Nothing beats a DIY obstacle course to get the heart pumping – grab cardboard boxes, blow up a paddling pool and look out some old garage tyres – great for those who don’t mind a bit of mud and dirt!

10 Fun & Easy Outdoor Garden Games

7. Make use of your garden wall/fence by mounting a huge chalkboard wall for the kids to get crafty with! via Handmade HQ

8 Fun & Easy Outdoor Garden Games

8. A twist on family movie night via Vtwowen – Why waste the long summer evenings indoors when you can bring the popcorn outside, snuggle up under blankets and get the movie started!

8 Fun & Easy Outdoor Garden Games | Chalk Kids Blog

9. Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned ring toss! This DIY version by And We Play is so simple yet so cute. We love the idea of using old plastic animal toys to hold the sticks – brilliant!

8 Fun & Easy Outdoor Garden Games

10. Giant Twister – another super-sized version of a family classic!

What are your family’s favourite garden games? Will you be giving any of these ideas a try? We’d love to hear! 

*This post was written in Partnership with Greenhouse Stores.

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