How To Cook The Perfect Steak With Jamie Oliver

It’s not often we have steak for dinner, so when we do we like to do it right! Cooking the perfect steak can be a challenge, which is why many of us choose to eat out at a steakhouse like Barbecoa for this treat rather than dare mess it up at home. However, we’ve decided to give it a go by seeking help from the experts on how to achieve those professional results in our own kitchen! 

Before you get started you’ll need to find yourself the right piece of meat from your local butcher, as when it comes to steak quality is everything! I also like to dedicate some time before cooking to make a couple of tasty side dishes, one of my favourites is this Spring Salad by Deliciously Ella. If your family is feeling extra hungry then some sweet potato fries always go down a treat! 

Once you have all your ingredients and sides ready, it’s time to get cooking. Below Steve Pooley, Executive Chef Director at Jamie Oliver has shared his step-by-step guide on how to make a delicious steak – Enjoy!

How To Cook The Perfect Steak | Chalk Kids Blog

*This post was written in partnership with Barbecoa, Jamie Oliver’s steak house in London.