My Baby Ate My Engagement Ring!

Sketchy Mama | Chalk Kids Blog

Occasionally our family will have an “unplugged” Saturday, where we switch off entirely from all things technology. It’s amazing what a difference it can make when we’re not absentmindedly checking our phones or feeling a pressure to take photos. I find I need these digital detoxes every so often and feel relieved when I can shut my phone away in a drawer and leave it there. 

It was during one of our unplugged days, when we were lying on the bed as a family, that Olly reminded me of the time Finlay ate my engagement ring… Oh, help!

That morning had been very similar. I was busy getting ready and watching a baby Finlay, who had just started walking (aww). As I went to slip my rings on my stomach did one of those horrible somersaults when you know something’s wrong. Sitting neatly on the marble tray was my wedding ring, but the spot where my engagement ring should be was empty. 

I did my best not to panic and began to discreetly search our entire bedroom, not wanting to alert Olly to the possible disaster. Soon enough though he figured out something wasn’t right, no doubt due to my attempt to take the bathroom drain apart. He knew I’d never be that dedicated to cleaning.

It was only after a second failed attempt at searching the house, that we finally paused, and looked down at a grinning Finlay who was happily playing with a noisy toy. 

“He was coughing earlier! Did you hear him coughing?” Me.
“Was he?” Olly. 
“He was definitely coughing,” Me. 

Neither Olly or I have any medical experience, but that didn’t stop us giving Finlay a thorough examination, as we tried to look down his throat, press his tummy and check his temperature. Our diagnosis: Finlay had eaten my engagement ring. It was the only conclusion to be drawn under the circumstances.

As Olly continued his examination, I quickly called NHS Direct who assured me that if he wasn’t choking there was no need to take him to the emergency room. They said they’d call us back within 2 hours with more instructions – though I half expected them to say, “Oh and social services will be stopping by, you awful, awful parents!!!”

As we waited for the return call, I made the mistake of googling the issue and surprisingly several other mothers had shared similar stories?! Some were serious and others had to simply wait it out, much like the hosing of the the mango poop scene in Marley & Me. 

It was whilst I was lost in Google horror stories, that Olly began to rummage through the washing basket, which had been moved into the hall during our search… & out he plucked from the bottom of it… you guessed it! The washing basket had been beside our chest of drawers where my ring must have landed when it got knocked off the tray, possibly by a little Finlay, possibly by a clumsy mummy. 

I’d say this is definitely in our top 5 parenting fails so far! But at least this one I can now see the funny-side to. It’s a moment I’d completely forgotten about and one of the reasons I love our unplugged days, as we can spend time reminding ourselves of silly stories like this.

I’d love to hear one of your #parentingfails? Please tell me we’re not the only ones!

Thank you to the fabulous Anna, from Sketchy Muma who captured this memory for us through one of her wonderful illustrations. See more of her work on her website and Facebook page.

– Steph x