DIY Crochet Baby Doll Basket

DIY Crochet Baby Doll Basket Pattern | Chalk Kids BlogOk so, I have a love/hate relationship with Crochet. I think it is a fabulous technique but many patterns and uses for it are dated. What I do love about Crochet is its beginnerbility (let’s pretend that’s a word). 

So, with that in mind here is a super easy, speedy pattern for a wee baby basket for your little ones toys. I say toys because Meade crams it with Cars, Dolls, Food, my nail varnish, basically anything she can get her little chubby hands on.

What I used

Size 10mm Crochet Hook

Crazy Sexy Wool from Wool and the Gang

Big Needle, for finishing


SC = Single Crochet

You begin by crocheting an Oval.

So as with lots of crochet patterns start with a Chain. I Chained 11.

Crochet Baby Doll Basket | Chalk Kids Blog

Round 1: Single crochet (sc) in the second chain (ch) from the hook, then sc until you have one remaining chain. Crochet 3 sc in the last chain.

Crochet Baby Doll Basket | Chalk Kids Blog

Rotate your work and work along the other side of the chain. Sc until you reach the very first chain you crocheted in. Work 2 sc into that chain. This will give you 3 single crochets at each end of your work.

Round 2. Work 2 sc into next chain then sc until you reach the chain before your chain with the 3 sc in. Work 2 sc into this chain and the next 2 chains. (your top three chains will now be filled with two single crochets)

Sc along the other side until you reach the chain before the central chain, work 2 sc into the next two stitches (because we worked the very first stitch in this round with 2 sc, we now have three chains on each end with 2 sc in each)

These three chains on each side will always be your ends. You continue to work like this until your oval has reached your desired size. I worked 5 rounds.

This photo shows me about to work in to the top three stitches.

Crochet Baby Doll Basket | Chalk Kids Blog

With your Oval complete you can now start to work on the sides. I changed colour here.

Crochet Baby Doll Basket | Chalk Kids Blog

Sides – Round 1

Working into the back loop of your chain sc the entire first round. From then on you can single crochet into the chain as usual until you reach the height you are happy with. You could stop there or continue to add holes for handles as I did.

Crochet Baby Doll Basket | Chalk Kids Blog

Handles. During a round you need to stop single crocheting and simply chain a number. I chained 5, this is the number of stitches you must then miss before picking up. So for me I skipped 5 stitches, or chains and then rejoined my chain to the round by single crocheting into the 6th chain and continuing to the other side. Mirrororing this, making sure the handles are were half way down my basket.

After this round I crocheted one other round of sc, slip stitched and tied off and tadaa, the little baby basket was complete.

Crochet Baby Doll Basket Pattern | Chalk Kids Blog

Words and images by our DIY & Crafts contributor, Amy Cooper. Find Amy over on her blog The Modern Makers and shop her garlands, prints and more at The Paper Emporium. Twitter: @_mrscooper_ & Insta: @thepaperemporium