DIY Miffy Rain Garland

DIY Miffy Garland | Chalk Kids Blog

Easter crafting is typically about cake, chocolate, baking, cooking etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for it! But, it makes for a bit of mixed messages when trying to limit the old sugar levels in our children.

So instead I have made a super easy Easter craft with not a hint of the sweet stuff. A lovely raining Miffy backdrop for all of those Insta’opportunities over the festive period. What I especially love about it is anyone can make it. It’s cheap, clean and crisp and only needs a few bits of kit to complete.

We used our Miffy cookie cutter to create the shape for our bunnies, we cut 48, you can cut as many as you wish.

What you need…

Paper, any colour, texture or finish.


A bunny shape to draw around or you can totally freestyle it.

Hole Punch.


Large needle.

Washi Tape.

DIY Miffy Garland | Chalk Kids Blog DIY Miffy Garland | Chalk Kids Blog DIY Miffy Garland | Chalk Kids Blog

1. Place the shape down on the paper and draw around it. If you can, layer up a few sheets of paper at the same time to snip out the shape, a time saver!

2. Then you need to make holes with your hole puncher. My children loved this part! We punched two holes. across the tummy, sort of where buttons might be.

3. Now, you have to cut some lengths of ribbon that you will thread through your Miffy’s. Measure the space you are looking to hang them from and cut out as many strips as you would like to hang. I cut 8 lengths and thread 6 Miffy’s per legnth for my wall.

4. Thread your Miffy’s, it’s a simple in one hole and out type of job, so its very child friendly. Just make sure they are hanging them the right way up ha.

5. Once you have all your lengths, hang them up by using a little washi tape and slide the Miffy’s up or down until you achieve the desired effect. 

This Miffy rain looks really effective against a wall or hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the table. If you do happen to make some Miffy Rain, please tag us so we can see! x 

Words and images by our DIY & Crafts contributor, Amy Cooper. Find Amy over on her blog The Modern Makers and shop her garlands, prints and more at The Paper Emporium.