How to Introduce Modern Design into Children’s Interiors

How to Introduce Modern Design into Children’s Interiors | Chalk Kids Blog

Deonne from Odd Sock, Odd Shoe shares her expertise on how to incorporate style and beautiful design into children’s spaces. Whether that’s through a well-chosen item of midcentury furniture, a child-sized take on a design classic or some statement lighting, her styling aims to reflect the playfulness and fun of childhood!

As an interior designer focused just on modern children’s interiors, one of the first things clients often ask me is, ‘how can I create a room that both my child and I can love?’  I think the key to that is looking beyond products targeted exclusively at parents and children.  If you love modern design and also happen to be a parent, you don’t have to abandon your style preferences when it comes to decorating your child’s room.  From bold, statement lighting to mini midcentury classics, there is a world of good design out there that can bring sweetness, fun and style to your child’s room — you just need to know where to start …

Wall features

How to Introduce Modern Design into Children’s Interiors | Chalk Kids Blog

Muuto dots

The dots, designed by Lars Tornøe, are a modern interpretation of a coat hook and a firmly established design staple.  While these work brilliantly in any part of the home, they can add particular interest in a child’s room — either as a stand-out feature for a minimal look or as a cluster for fun and functionality. In these examples they help to accentuate the blush softness of a tiny tutu and bring warmth through natural oak (and house copper fairy lights) against a chalky black wall.

Hay Gym Wall HookHay Gym Wall Hook

Hay Gym Hook

Designed by Staffan Holm for Danish design wonder-brand Hay, this is another modern interpretation of a coat or towel hook.  The hook comes in a wide variety of colours and sizes and has strong visual appeal with its back half seeming to disappear into the wall.  Use these to hang items you love seeing that wouldn’t normally feature as wall art: a piece of clothing (the splash of colour in almost anything from Bobo Choses’ Der Blaue Reiter range looks beautiful if casually strung through); a felt or wooden bead garland; or a Le Petit M soft light bulb, as shown here.


Tiny versions of big classics

Many of the midcentury furniture design giants, from Harry Bertoia to Robin Day, created products for children, often adapting existing designs to create perfectly-formed children’s versions of the adult originals.  Some midcentury pieces require serendipity to find; others are still produced today, under licence, and are widely accessible online.  Here’s a small sample of both old and new, which all work equally well.  If you like the idea of using furniture design classics in your child’s room, try to include a few mismatched pieces to avoid a homogeneous or studied look.


Hay Little Nobody Chair

How to Introduce Modern Design into Children’s Interiors | Chalk Kids Blog

Vitra Panton Junior Chair

How to Introduce Modern Design into Children’s Interiors | Chalk Kids Blog

Robin Day E Series Chair 


Of all the areas where the general world of modern design can find a place in children’s interiors, it’s lighting that potentially offers the widest choice.  From a statement piece in a simple, subtle nursery, to a design detail within a wider scheme, lighting is an area where you can — and should! — look beyond children’s retailers for inspiration.  In recent projects I’ve completed, I’ve incorporated both a Bubble Lamp, first designed by George Nelson in 1947, as well as a modern ball light from Danish brand, Applicata.  Neither are marketed specifically for children, but fit surprisingly well alongside a cot in the first instance and a toy box filled with dinosaurs in the second.


Other examples to consider include:

The FollowMe lamp designed by Inma Bermudez in 2014.  With its soft contours reminiscent of a mushroom, this looks lovely as a bedside light on a small table next to a small bed for a small person.

How to Introduce Modern Design into Children’s Interiors | Chalk Kids Blog

And (to end on a high note — both in terms of budget and impact) the stunning and very clever Vertigo Pendant designed by Constance Guisset, which lets you feel like you are standing under wings.

How to Introduce Modern Design into Children’s Interiors | Chalk Kids BlogHappy design hunting!

Thank you Deonne for sharing your design expertise with us! If you’re seeking interior styling advice check out Deonne’s website Odd Sock, Odd Shoe where she offers exclusive services to help you create and develop your dream children’s room.

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