DIY Valentine’s Day Cupid Arrows

Valentines Day Kids DIY Love Arrows | Chalk Kids Blog

Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away and cupid is tightening up his bow! Craft it up with the kids this weekend with Amy & Max’s sweet cupid arrows, they’re simple, good fun and décor you could leave up all year long!

When asking my seven year old son, Max what he would like to make for Valentine’s Day he suggests we take a look on Pinterest, equal shame and pride pings straight through me. 

As he trawls through the wonderfully pink, red, loud Valentines craft ideas he finally finds something he likes, arrows! Love arrows. As we fall further, through the depths of deepest, darkest Pinterest, it seems these love arrows are a popular craft for children. I have never seen them before so they are new to us. In a flash he is in the garden, foraging for the perfect sticks.

After 10 minutes he comes back in, freezing but very happy with his choice in three sticks, all straight’ish and all the same size…’ish

Valentines Day Kids DIY | Chalk Kids BlogValentines Day Kids DIY Cupid Arrows | Chalk Kids Blog

We sit and I help him cut out arrow tops and bottoms with some stray felt I had lying around from a previous project. Max was very particular about which colour he wanted where. Under his instruction I cut out two little letters, ‘M’ and ‘E’ and a tiny love heart – “These are for the arrow points,” he directs.

Max did all the gluing himself, he used an extremely generous portion of craft glue and says, “Elana will love them as much as he loves her.”

He asked me the significance of the arrow, “is it from a movie?” I then told him about a cheeky chap called Cupid who fired arrows at people and makes them fall in love. Max is glad he made three because, “everyone needs a little love, Mummy.”

To make these little love arrows you need…

A material you can cut out for the top and bottom of the arrows – Felt/fabric/cardboard
String and any other decoration you fancy

Words and images by our DIY & Crafts contributor, Amy Cooper. Find Amy over on her blog The Modern Makers and shop her garlands, prints and more at The Paper Emporium.