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One of our favourite baby products that we’ve been using with Parker is this beautiful Babasac baby sleeping bag. Even as a second time mum, the worries I’ve had about Parker sleeping safely through the night have been just as strong as when Finlay was little. I think it’s something most parents remain anxious about, no matter how many times you’ve been through the new baby stage before. 

I wasn’t surprised to learn that over 95% of parents in the UK now use sleeping bags for their babies and toddlers. They’re viewed as safer than sheets and blankets, as your baby cannot slip down inside them. They also keep your little one at the right temperature throughout the night, helping ease another common parenting concern of your baby overheating in the night.

However, what makes Babasac’s different to other baby sleeping bags on the market is that they allow you to switch between a 2.5 tog to a 1.0 tog depending on what time of year you’re needing to use it, just by unfastening a layer. 

Mother and founder Keira shares, “I came up with the idea for a multi tog/ multi layer babies sleeping bag after having to buy a new lighter weight sleeping bag to take on holiday. It seemed so simple, having extra layers that zipped in and out and would save having to buy babies sleeping bags in different togs.”

The Babasac sleeping bags run true to size and come in a range of cute prints. They retail at £37.99 and can be purchased at & Bon Tot 

– Steph x