Best of the USA Graze Box

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As Graze Ambassadors, we were lucky enough to get sent one of the new Best of the USA boxes to try. You’ll know from our previous post that we’re big fans of Graze and their awesome snacks.

For those who don’t know, Graze are an online company who create healthy and tasty snacks and post them to your home (they fit perfectly through the mailbox). Online you can easily rate the snacks you like the look of most and cross off any that you’re not so keen on – It’s so easy and straightforward to use.  

The Best of the USA Graze Box did not disappoint. Unsurprisingly Finlay’s favourites were the Campfire Smores and the Stars & Stripes snacks – they made for perfect treats after mealtimes. We also loved the New York Everything Bagel, which I served as a little side during lunch one day. It’s safe to say the box was a winner in our house!

The snacks include: 

1. New York Everything Bagel – Poppy Seed and Onion Sesame Sticks

The famous everything bagel – an American bagel with all the seasonings- can be found in all the best New York delis. We’ve combined poppy seeds and onion sesame sticks to bring this classic from the big apple to your graze box.

2. Campfire Smores – Mini Vanilla Marshmallows, Sponge Pieces and Salted Almond Milk Chocolate Buttons

This timeless American snack is inspired by the classic childhood ritual where chocolate and marshmallows are melted over a campfire and sandwiched between crackers.

3. Creamy Ranch Kern Pops – Ranch Flavoured Kern Pops 

Our taste experts took newly invented kern pops – made from popcorn kernels and baked for more crunch – and fuse them with classic creamy ranch salad dressing so you can taste two US favourites in one satisfyingly crunchy bite.

4. Stars and Stripes – Blueberry Infused Cranberries, Raspberry Strings and Black Currant Fruit Stars

To celebrate American Independence Day, our taste experts took inspiration from the flag to create this chewy treat.

Thanks so much Graze! You can check out and order the limited edition box here