What I’ve Packed In My Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag Must Haves Chalk KidsWith my due date quickly approaching, I thought I’d share what I’ve packed in my hospital bag second time round. This time, I’ve decided to pack everything I need into a small wheelie case and my new Pacapod Mirano Changing Bag, as both are amazing for keeping everything neat and organised. It feels funny to see them sitting by our door every night, but I know from experience that labour can start when you least expect it so it’s really important to be prepared! Hopefully, everything I’m bringing with me will help make our (fingers crossed) short hospital stay, a little more comfortable. 

Here’s what I’ve packed for me… 

Maternity Notes!

I keep these right at the top of my hospital bag so they’re easy to grab for midwife appointments, then put them back again after so there’s no chance of forgetting them when we go to the hospital. 

Toiletry Bag 

I picked up a simple drawstring sponge bag from Boots and filled it with mini toiletries such as: a new toothbrush, toothpaste, dry shampoo, real shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wipes, deodorant, my contact lenses, hair ties, antibacterial wipes, a travel sized tangle teezer brush and Lanolin Cream. 

I’ve also packed a small makeup bag with the essentials: mascara, tinted moisturiser, eyebrow pencil, lip balm etc. 

Plus, Cottons Maternity Pads & some Nursing Pads

Lastly, I’m also taking along my Neal’s Yard Remedies Kit, which I was kindly given as a gift from my mother-in-law. It’s only small so fits in my bag perfectly and contains some lovely ‘pick me up’ products such as their: Organic Facial Wipes, Wild Rose Beauty Balm, White Tea Facial Mist and Beauty Sleep Concentrate. 


Pretzels, breakfast bars, biscuits, gum & lucozade etc. – We were in short supply last time so I’ve over compensated this time round! 


H&M long t-shirts, maternity leggings, nursing friendly PJ’s (or nightgown), robe, slippers, socks, nursing bras & underwear.

Clothes for going home in – I’m going to wear my comfy harem lounge trousers from The White Company paired with a simple tee, cardigan, scarf and some flats. 


Phone, our good camera & phone charger. 

My ‘nice to have’ items

A soft towel, a zip lock bag with my favourite green tea with lemon and chamomile with honey tea bags & some healing crystals

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag Chalk Kids Blog

& for Baby…


Several newborn baby-grows and sleeveless vests (all pre-washed with non bio detergent). I’d recommend baby-grows that have built in hand mittens, as the ones you buy in those little packs never stay on. Plus a cosy knitted cardigan, hat and booties for going home in. 


I’m taking a warm knitted blanket and also a couple of Modern Burlap swaddle blankets for general use. 


A pack of Pampers newborn nappies, extra large cotton wool and water wipes. And the car seat!


We’re also bringing a “present” from the new baby to give to our two-year-old, Finlay for when he comes to visit us for the first time at the hospital. The baby got him a little box of Duplo, as it won’t take up a lot of room and is something he can play with right away if he wants to. 

Were there any unusual items you brought to the hospital with you when you gave birth? I’d love to hear!

– Steph x