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Gray Label Salopettes | Chalk Kids Simple Sustainable Kids Fashion | Chalk Kids

The Bon Tot clothing collection is built around a core principle of wardrobe staples. Great quality basics if you like, that look beautifully simple and stylish on their own, and can be mixed and matched with other brands and styles easily. The reason behind this is a core desire for “Sustainability”. This word means lots of things for us, and is a word we talked a lot about when we set up Bon Tot.

There’s the most obvious environmental aspect, and so we work with brands that use the best quality fabrics to make their garments; organic certified if at all possible. Our toys have also been sourced so that most of them are made from recycled materials- we have a bit of a thing for recycled cardboard!

Then there’s the social aspect. We only work with brands that use responsible manufacturing processes. We want to know where our products come from and who made them, and support small businesses and real people.

And finally there’s the financial side of things; an aspect that’s possibly closest to most people’s heart and definitely close to ours. Quality over quantity is our mantra here. We’ve changed our shopping habits a lot ourselves since having our daughter, Clemence, and setting up Bon Tot. We find ourselves buying more selectively and consciously.

We don’t have an endless budget, and so we want things that represent good value for money, that will last a long time and that won’t go out of fashion. Rather than finding the latest trend necessarily, we set a goal of “simply good design”.

Most of our clothing has a gender neutral theme, so that items can be handed down from sister to brother, cousin, friend and don’t need to be updated every 3 months. Our basic range is supplemented with a few ‘signature’ pieces if you like, for people who want to buy something special.

It’s a very fine line between quality and cost. You’ll hopefully find a range of prices in our shop to cater to a range of budgets, but always focussing on value for money and longevity of use. Rather than just talking though; we’ve picked out a few of our fave items to try to show what we mean!

Gray Label Sweater | CK Blogcrew+neck+sweater+grey+melange+front~jpg+wit
Gray Label Classic Crewneck Sweater This was pretty much the item that inspired Bon Tot! Gray Label garments are brilliantly designed to last, both in style and substance. Their clothing is designed to fit right through the size. Cut to be baggy, and cuffed if needed, at the lower age range, but the sleeve is actually a 7/8th design, so it fits beautifully as your wee one grows through the size. This means you get maximum wear and the quality is so high that it washes amazingly well and can be handed down in pristine condition.

Gray Label Oversized Jacket AW15 Lookbook | Chalk KidsGray Label Double Button Nearly Black Babysuit | Chalk Kids– The new Gray Label range (pictured above) has some great new designs, but all with this same core principle. 

Mingo Kids Harem Pants | Chalk Kids Mingo Kids Harems | Chalk Kids

– Comfort is king with Mingo. The dropped crotch is not too low, and there is lots of ‘give’ in the fabric, providing plenty of freedom without getting in the way of play.  It’s a simple piece, done well, with a really sharp, modern vibe. It can be dressed up or down and paired with lots of different styles- crops, tanks, tees, knits…. Again it washes perfectly, and is designed and made in Amsterdam. 

Lennon + Wolfe Rome Hoodie | Chalk KidsLennon + Wolfe Rome Hoodie Back

– Lennon + Wolfe Rome Hoodie This is a perfectly unisex piece, designed and made in Los Angeles. The 50% supima cotton and 50% micro modal jersey material makes it a year round piece so you get maximum wear. However, the cut is what really makes Lennon + Wolfe unique. All their garments are cut long and slim, so as you grow up, it continues to look exactly as designed, in addition to being a super chic shape and style.

Thanks so much for sharing the core values behind your store with us Kris & Graham! Make sure you visit Bon Tot to view their full section of stunning kidswear.