Summer Travel Feature: Exploring Sicily With Children

Cityscape Ragusa Ibla, SicilyI mulini di TrapaniSegesta

My husband and I were discussing our next holiday destination when we thought of Sicily. The island has a lot of attractions, but I wondered if it would make a suitable holiday location with a two-year old child. We knew our agenda would be more restricted, but I still wanted our vacation to be memorable and full of adventures to entertain our toddler. So, I got myself busy researching and came upon where I found a range of amazing outdoor activities that we can try include in our schedule. Oh, how I look forward to our upcoming holiday in Sicily! If you’re planning to visit the island with your very young children in tow, the following ideas might come in handy.

Sicily is surrounded with the cerulean waters of the Mediterranean. Therefore, one of the best things our family can do is to spend some time on the beautiful beaches. There is a huge choice of locations to choose from and everywhere is perfect for playing on fine sand or taking a dip in warm, crystal waters. If you don’t mind crowded beaches, there is the scenic Mondello Beach in Palermo, ideal for families. Our son can play with other kids as we lounge under the shade or do some tanning. With its location, it is a perfect place to cool down after some city sight-seeing. On the other hand, there are also remote beaches near nature reserves that families with older children might prefer.

Adventure parks, theme parks and water parks can be found around the island. We plan to visit Etnaland in Catania. This is the largest water and adventure park full of water games and various attractions. Designed to fit visitors of all ages, it is a perfect place for families with very young children. We can try some of the slides, play by the pools, or go to see its life-sized dinosaur themed attraction! There are also restaurants, snack bars, relaxation areas and a zoo.


We also plan to go to Bio Parco to see its attractions. If you want to check their prices and opening times, the official website is It has a zoo that houses a wide assortment of animals. A picnic here is going to be fun as there is plenty of entertainment for children. If we want an experience closer to nature, the new adventure park, Eco Campus Casaboli is also an option. The park is built to accommodate kids of all ages. With our very young son in tow, it’s not a bad idea to have a picnic or go walking around the area for an afternoon stroll.

We are planning to insert a day or two to visit some of the archaeological areas in between our visits to the adventure parks. The well-preserved ancient Greek temples are worth visiting and we can do some sight-seeing with our kid in his stroller. Agrigento is known for the Valley of the Temples boasting eight historical temples in one area! I have read claims that some of these temples are the best preserved in the world. Our son will enjoy the outdoors and will surely benefit from the cooler morning sun and fresh air. After which, we plan to head towards the area of San Leone to frolic on the sandy coastline and play to our hearts’ content.

There are a lot of other activities suited for families with children. Perhaps when our son is a little bit older and when he can manage to climb trees and walk around, we would again consider another visit. After all, holidays in Sicily are famous for being full of fun. For now, we are just so excited for our trip. With our itinerary all planned out, we’re sure it’s going to be a delight even for our little one! 


 By Hanna Johnson